Dhoni’s Chennai Super Kings in IPL 10th Final Sports Craze

This man is like a hero. Half the stadium fills up to see him, to see him take the field for practice. His fans will not let him retire even at the age of 75.

These are the words of famous Indian commentator Harsha Bogle for Mahendra Singh Dhoni, former captain of the Indian cricket team and captain of the IPL franchise Chennai Super Kings.

In the first playoff of the current IPL season, Chennai Super Kings beat last year’s champions Gujarat Titans by 15 runs to book their place in the final.

Chennai Super Kings have reached the playoffs 12 times in the history of IPL and this year they have reached the final for the 10th time and both are records in themselves.

CSK has won the IPL four times while Mumbai Indians have managed to win the tournament five times.

Wherever Dhoni played this year, a flood of fans came to watch him and the entire stadium was bathed in yellow.

Every time the cricket commentators asked him the same question, is this his last IPL, that people come to watch him in such numbers, and last night Harsha Bogle also asked the same question to Dhoni and he answered in his own way. .

Harsha asks if Chennai audience will see you here again. So Dhoni said you are trying to ask whether I will play here again or not.

So Harsh Bogle asked. “Will you come here and play again?”
Dhoni then smiled and said. “I don’t know, I have eight or nine months to decide, so why bother with this headache now?” I have plenty of time to make a decision. I don’t know if I will stay in the team as a player or in another capacity, but I know for sure that I will stay in CS.

He added that I have left home since January 31, I have been practicing since March 2-3, let’s see what happens, at this moment I have enough time to make a decision.

Earlier, Danny Morrison also raised questions after his career ended in the current IPL season.

Earlier, Morrison also said that “Donnie is getting support from all over the place in the last season” and then asked Donnie how he was enjoying it, and “Captain Cole” smiled and said:

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