Your Apple Watch screen is tinted green after the watchOS 9.5 update. You are not alone

If you’re a good Apple Watch citizen, you probably have automatic updates turned on to ensure that every time there’s a software update, your watch is updated to the latest version of watchOS. This is good so that, especially if there are bugs or security vulnerabilities that are addressed in a new update, you will be able to deal with them immediately.

However, with the new watchOS 9.5 update, some users have come across a brand new bug that didn’t exist before in earlier versions of the operating system. And some Apple Watch users are angry.

Noticed AppleInsider:Some Apple Watch owners have taken to Reddit to report that their watch screen is now green or gray after updating to watchOS 9.5. Fortunately, the problem seems to be mostly limited to when you’re using the notification center or control center on the watch, so it doesn’t seem like you’re suffering from a green or gray tint all the time.

It also doesn’t affect any functionality, so the tinting error is really an isolated visual issue. However, it’s still a strange bug that appears to at least affect the Apple Watch SE, Apple Watch Series 7, and Apple Watch Series 8 from reports so far.

Here’s another Reddit thread with a great photo that really highlights the error:

I personally have an Apple Watch Ultra and I don’t see the issue after updating to watchOS 9.5, so it seems to only affect certain Apple Watch models. Apple had a similar tinting issue with an iPhone software update earlier this year, which was also fixed in a later update, so I think it’s safe to expect the same here.

Fortunately, since watchOS hasn’t undergone any major overhauls yet, the software has largely been a very stable experience in recent years. Let’s hope that still holds, as rumors suggest that Apple may be readying a huge change to watchOS to mark the 10th version of the operating system.

We’ll know for sure in a few weeks, as the company is set to kick off WWDC 2023 on Monday, June 5. Apart from watchOS 10, Apple is expected to introduce all the other latest software versions and even its own mixed reality headset.

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