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Your Apple TV may finally be getting a YouTube Music app

If you’re a YouTube Music user who also owns an Apple TV, you’re in for some good news, because there could be a brand new app in your future.

Listening to YouTube Music on Apple TV 4K right now means using the YouTube app, but that could change, according to a new report.

That report says Google is considering a dedicated YouTube Music app for Apple TV, making the music streaming service a first-class citizen on Apple’s set-top box.

Music to the ears of Apple TV owners!

That’s all according to a 9to5Google report, which cites an unnamed “person familiar with the matter,” but the thinking adds up.

“There’s already YouTube Music on iPhone and iPad, while the Music experience lives inside the main YouTube for TV app,” the report begins. “Google is now planning a separate YouTube Music app for Apple TV, which should allow more direct access, starting with a dedicated app icon.”

Google is also believed to be working on making the YouTube Music app work properly with the HomePod and HomePod mini as well. Another target for Google is to support how HomePod can play music from non-Apple Music services like Pandora, which have taken time to build media integration. These third-party services can be set as the default for voice commands. “, the report states.

There doesn’t seem to be any timeline at this time. But while YouTube Music is far behind Apple Music and Spotify on the list of music streaming services that Apple users pay for, the good news is that both features are things that Google is aiming for. works:

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