Wrestlers say: “I am ready to pass a drug test”.

“I am ready to take a drug test, a polygraph test or a lie detector test, but my condition is: Vinesh Phogat and: Bajrang Punia should also pass these tests with me. If both wrestlers agree to go through with it, then call a press conference and make an announcement. I promise them that I am ready for the test,” he wrote in Hindi.

Reacting to this, Bajrang said: “We are ready to face the Narco Test, but we would also like him (Brij Bhushan) to face the Test under the supervision of the Supreme Court and live on national television.

“We would like to see what questions they ask. He applied for Vinesh’s narco test and me. I am saying why only the two of us, but also all the girls who complained, should undergo a drug test,” he added. .

Meanwhile, Vinesh continued that the whole country should know what injustice they have gone through. “The whole country should know what atrocities and injustice we have faced.”

Now the wrestlers have decided to hold a candlelight vigil at India Gate on May 23. “As you know, one month of our protest is coming to an end, on May 23 we will hold a candle march near India Gate. “We have to remind people that our It is a peaceful protest and anyone who tries to disturb the peace with provocative speeches or any kind of trouble is responsible for the consequences and we do not bear any responsibility,” said Sakshi.

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