Works for cookies. Friday night photos #115

Somehow Friday seems to have more meaning when I’m not going to post on Saturday and Sunday. It won’t really change much, I still want to do my Friday night photo posts, but somehow it’s different.

I was planning to go to a garage sale across town this morning and I was so excited to go. Epidemic ravaged garage sales for the past few years and I’ve missed going. Sales throughout the city are the best because, depending on the street, you can simply walk from one sale to another. Saturday mornings are usually the best time to go because that’s when most people have their sales; but this morning it started citywide.

At the time, I was stunned when Eli’s orthopedic appointment was at 8:15 this morning. The appointment was obviously more important, so I told my mom I wouldn’t be able to go to the garage sale. However, Jerry (bless his heart!) said he would be happy to take Eli to his appointment this morning (Jerry got off work at 6:00am, so he usually falls asleep as soon as he gets home). He said he would be fine if I took Eli because I’m the one who usually makes the appointments and he really wanted me to go with my parents. I was so grateful.

Eli x-rayed the finger again and we could clearly see the break;

The orthopedist said there was a chip that came off (which you can see on the x-ray) and he taped Eli’s index and middle finger together and he’s hoping it will heal that way. He wants to see Eli again in two weeks for another X-ray. I’m crossing my fingers (haha) that it will be fine. But the doctor said no sports for four weeks, which is the rest of the baseball season. Eli is worried about losing his position as catcher on next year’s team. I feel so bad for him, he still goes to games to support his team, but he said it’s hard to see someone else play in his position.

In the meantime, I found a few things at a garage sale that I was excited about. First, I got this set of armchairs. I don’t really need chairs, but I couldn’t help it, I love them. And they are extremely comfortable. I still haven’t decided where to put them though. I’m going to have to move some things.

The best part. I got both the chairs and the ottoman for $40. We kept them in the back of my dad’s truck and several people commented while we were out that they really liked them.

My mom really wanted them too, so she said if I couldn’t find a place for them, she would buy them from me. However, I am determined to find a place. Estelle was there in about two seconds and she hasn’t moved since.

During one sale, I was so excited when I was going through a huge clothing bin and found some Lululemon products; They were in great shape and in my size so I ended up with about 12 pieces. When I went to pay, however, the woman said. “Oh, they’re not $2, Lululemon stuff is $10 a piece!” I couldn’t believe it. My mom even double checked her when I was rummaging through the clothes box and she said $2. So I gave everything back and didn’t buy it.

I found a ton of Mr. Potato Head stuff at another sale. This may sound weird, but I wanted to get it for Riley. I don’t have many toys here for Luke and Riley to play with when they come, but Riley LOVES to play with the Mrs. Potato Head that I have (she doesn’t have one herself). When I got home and started going through it, I noticed that there were some Star Wars pieces in there. Jerry hasn’t seen them yet but I know when he does he’ll be out haha.

I’m not sure if I should keep everything for when Riley visits or put it all in a box and mail it to her. It’s always nice to get mail, but it would be nice to play with him.

I also bought a random thing I saw and thought would be fun for the family to play.

I had to ask Noah if it was even compatible with Jerry’s X-box, I have no idea. And I’m sure Noah and Eli have never seen Wheel of Fortune or Jeopardy in their lives, but they will learn 😉

I can’t remember what I posted this week or not, I’m sure I wrote about some of these things in my Weekend Happenings post. But anyway, last weekend we got together with Dave and Renee to play Euchre and it was so much fun! It’s been a long time since we played them. Dave and I were partners and we won both games. It was also fun catching up with Renee.

I think I’ve decided not to train for cross country this fall. My life seems to be getting less overwhelming and I really don’t want to give up on anything. Renee isn’t sure she wants to do it either, so we’ll see what happens.

I had to leave the house yesterday, everyone was so negative and I just couldn’t take it. So I went to the library to write my blog post. I was hoping for peace and quiet, but it was kind of loud in there. And they had several windows open, so it was windy and cold. Next time, maybe I’ll just go out for a walk when the space is needed.

I actually moved the points three times to try to find a calm/non-windy spot, but no such luck. I just finished my post and went back home.

However, a book I requested did arrive. A reader recommended that I read Eat and Run by Scott Yurek (bad vegan ultrarunner) because he found it really motivating to get out and run. I really need that motivation, so I requested the book from the library. I wish they had a Kindle version, but the hardcover was all they had. I have yet to start it, hopefully this weekend.

I finished the new bed for the cat wall/room. There was a hole in that top shelf and I had nothing under it. I debated what to do with it, what kind of bed, shelves, or what to put in there, and finally decided to use the wooden poles from a really ugly cat tree that I was very happy to get rid of. I used the faux fur I had sewn a while back to make a bed. And then I hung the bed very close to the top shelf; cats like to be in small spaces so they feel like no one can see them. Chick really likes it.

Yesterday I was noticing how thin Ducky’s pupils were and how cute he was in general so I took a picture of him.

Kroger recently had three bags of those tri-color bell peppers on sale (they’re usually about $6 and were on sale for about $2), and they looked really good. I bought two bags and they sat in the fridge for a few days, I didn’t know what to make with them. Finally, I cut them all up and fried them with homemade fajita seasoning. Next, I watered the soy curls (in water with fajita seasoning) and added them to the pan.

We ate it over rice and it was very good. Jerry and I kept exclaiming that it was “the best thing we’ve ever eaten” (we say that a lot – every time we try a new food we really love). Next time I can get peppers again for a reasonable price, I’m definitely going to make this again.

And finally, I noticed these flowers on our living room bookshelf and had no idea where they came from. As I got closer, I noticed they weren’t flowers, they were Legos. Noah got the kit (I think it was something he wanted for Christmas) and finally put them together. I love how they look.

And that’s all I have. I’ll be back to writing on Monday. I wish you a nice end of the week. xo:

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