Why women Sleep Better With A Rottweiler By Their Side

There is a whole scientific study that was recently conducted by the researchers at Canisius College in Buffalo NY, that is dedicated to answering that baffling and somewhat mysterious question.

The study was performed on 929 women. Women of all races and backgrounds that have started choosing animal partners as opposed to human ones at night for their comfort and overall wellbeing.

Women everywhere have become fans of owning and then letting their pet Rottweiler’s sleep next to them at night which was surprising but it doesn’t stop there.

Single women with no children as well as single mothers without significant others have decided to keep their Rottweiler close at hand and right by their sides in the evening time.

What makes this canine in particular a favorite choice of women everywhere? Why the sudden surge of Rottweiler owners? I can tell you from personal experience just how loving and family oriented this particular breed of dog is. But most of the women had past experiences with the breed and chose them for their kind and even temperament with family and also their protective natures around strangers.

The Number # 1 Reason Women Choose Sleeping With Their Rottweiler

As I’m sure you can imagine the #1 reason for the big shift in Rottweiler ownership and cuddle buddies is because of security. Women simply feel safer when their amazing animal friends are close by to handle and discourage any unpleasant or unsavory characters from approaching them or their families. In public or at their homes or apartments.

Out of the 962 women who slept with their pets laying right next to them at night, over 55% of them was proven to have better sleep cycles than before they let man’s best friend sleep right next to them.

Better Sleep Means A Better Tomorrow

With a better sense of comfort and security women who slept with their dog close at hand would get a deeper, more regular sleep cycle which directly affected the rest of their following day.

Women were reported as being less moody throughout the day, also as having increased energy, a better memory, less depressed and even more stamina to keep up with all day demands at work.

Sleeping With Cats Can Be Bad For Your Health

Adversely however, 33% of pet owners that had chosen to sleep with cats instead or with both their dog and their cat in bed had the opposite affect on sleeping cycles.

They were more disturbed and woke up on average 3x’s more per night. Some with overheating, some with having to use the restroom, and some just couldn’t quite get in a comfortable position long enough to sleep.

I guess that’s just one more reason canines are called man’s best friend.

In Closing

Women who chose a Rottweiler to sleep next to them slept more soundly and had better overall health in the long run as opposed to sleeping with a cat or a combination of a cat and/or dogs.

Who experienced more sleep deprivation and resulted in an overall health decline that was more apparent the longer the days wore on and proper rest was not obtained.

Images source: Pixabay

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