woman believed to have ‘biggest lips in the world And Plans To Make Them Bigger

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Woman with ‘biggest lips in world’ shows off huge new pout after 20th injection

Since the beginning of her journey, Andrea feels that she is finally becoming happy with her looks and feels much more comfortable with it. To the Barbie lookalike, the bigger the lips, the more beautiful you’re.

Despite the fact she already has plump lips, Andrea is determined to officially have the most prominent lips on earth as she says it’s ‘fashionable.’

Andrea has spent tens of thousands to realize her ideal appearance and, on average, spends roughly £134 each treatment. She has not kept track of how much it’s precisely she spent.

image source : andrea.andrea345 instagram

Andrea Ivanova believes she has the biggest lips from the world and would like to make them even more significant, despite having lip injection not long.

It seems her lovers agree with her version of perfection, too, as some of dedicated Instagram followers continue to gush over her looks.

Some of her followers have even encouraged to get her lips made larger, commenting:

Still not big enough.

Although doctors have told her she had enough, Andrea would like to keep on making her lips plumper. Despite the fact she struggles to eat for two or three days, the larger her lips become after the procedure and injections are just getting harder.

woman have biggest lips
image source : andrea.andrea345 instagram

The 22-year-old started her astonishing transformation in 2018 and has accumulated over 32,000 followers, who love her enhanced lip appearance.

The wannabe Barbie doll, from Bulgaria, has had over 20 lipoic acid lip injections and intends to get her lips made even larger in the future.

One person gushed:

Hot with plump features.

Andrea who wishes to get the biggest lips in the world’s plans to get them made larger by having additional fillers, so far she has had over 20 shots.

Another follower was quick to defend her — as she does receive some criticism — saying:

All these comments only show how admirable you are and how envious many are of you. You are and will remain pretty and have developed into a beautiful woman.

an other fan said:

Dream woman.

Find Andrea Ivanova on instagram : andrea.andrea345

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