Winners and Ratings After Elimination Chamber 2023

WWE Raw promoted Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn in their native Canada. WWE also promoted Seth Rollins vs. The Miz, Mustafa vs. Dolph Ziggler, and Edge vs. Austin Theory for the United States Championship.

Last week’s broadcast of WWE Raw drew 1.812 million viewers.

WWE Raw results for February 20, 2023

  • Sami Zayn def. Baron Corbin
  • Mustafa Ali def. Dolph Ziggler
  • Asuka def. Nikki Cross
  • Bronson Reed df. Chad Gable
  • Definition of Austin’s theory. Edge |: WWE United States Championship

WWE Raw Ratings

  • February 13, 2023 |: 1,812 million
  • February 6, 2023 |: 1,866 million
  • January 30, 2023 |: 2,114 million
  • January 23, 2023 |: 2.344 million
  • January 16, 2023 |: 1,489 million

  • WWE Raw Venue: Ottawa, Canada (Ottawa Tire Center)
  • WWE Raw Tickets Distributed: 7,836
  • WWE Raw Tickets: 335

WWE Raw Winners and Standings

Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens open WWE Raw

Like his segment in Montreal on Friday’s SmackDown, WWE Raw opened with Sami Zayn washed up in Canada. The fans chanted “Sami!” “you deserve it!” and “we still love you”. They would chant all night long if you let them.

WWE is treating Zayn’s ongoing journey as if it’s still ongoing, but the next chapter will likely be against The Usos. Shiny.

This was a huge segment that validated WWE for Sami Zayn to win. In defeat, he feels like a bigger star. Zayn went from world title contender to tag team title contender seamlessly, and it felt like a lateral move.

Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens Opening Segment Rating: A+

Sami Zayn def. Baron Corbin

While Baron Corbin certainly feels like he’s being buried, most of the middling heels in the WWE locker room will die in a few weeks to work with top stars and cut promos for heat-seeking heels. I don’t think they’re burying Corbyn and everyone, I think this is the start of another repackaging.

For the second week in a row, Baron Corbin lost to a top babyface wearing street clothes. Next week I expect him to lose to Brock Lesnar in cargo shorts.

Between the opening segment and Zayn’s heroic comeback over Baron Corbin, Zayn isn’t just doing well after losing to Reigns (as he should be), he’s somehow even hotter.

There was a segment backstage with Rhea Ripley and Dominic (who got loud boos every time he spoke). Just as Charlotte Flair’s “put you in your place” promo turned the heel, Ripley’s response was a babyface promo.

Sami Zayn vs. Baron Corbin Class: A

Mustafa Ali def. Dolph Ziggler

The backstage promo between Mustafa Ali and Dolph Ziggler was actually very believable as a conversation between a disillusioned middle-aged man and a hardened veteran. Even as a frustrated middleweight, Ali wasn’t scripted to sound like a whiner, given some fun sarcastic comebacks to Ziggler’s generic but fiery conversation.

Mustafa Ali actually beat Dolph Ziggler in a storyline that I’m suddenly interested in. If Triple H messes up and finishes Mustafa Ali, now he’s just showing off.

Mustafa Ali vs. Dolph Ziggler Class: B

Cody Rhodes meets Paul Heyman

The fans chanting “Cody” in unison seems like the nail in the coffin for all those Sami Zayn WrestleMania truthers, and you love to see it.

This segment was very good and would have been much better with Heyman in the ring. Heyman cut a very long promo backstage and you could hear the crowd getting restless. However, even the partisan Canadian crowd was into Cody Rhodes chasing Roman Reigns for the WWE Undisputed Universal Championship.

Cody Rhodes once again reiterated the running theme of this show. Finish the story. Same words were said by Sami Zayn to open WWE Raw. WWE is focused on storytelling, and that’s leading to their biggest business in years. Imagine that.

Cody Rhodes and Paul Heyman Grade: B-

Asuka def. Nikki Cross

Corey Graves was all over Kevin Patrick, especially when Patrick didn’t hang out with him when discussing Bianca Bellaire’s tardiness. “I like to argue with myself, it’s great,” Graves said.

Asuka seems to be the de facto heel in this storyline. After his victory, he started coughing up blue blood. Between the terrifying Alexa Bliss and Asuka, Bellair could have entered the supernatural world without even knowing it.

Asuka vs. Nikki Cross Grade: C+

Seth Rollins def. The Miz:

WWE used this match as an excuse to take veiled shots at AEW for their complaints about “unbiased journalism”.

The final straw came when Seth Rollins said the words “Logan Paul” to The Miz.

This was one of the rare TKO finishes in a WWE match with Seth Rollins winning via referee stoppage. The Miz was able to survive a giant boot from Seth Rollins, but was TKO’d by a curb stomp. It is interesting.

Seth Rollins vs. The Miz Grade: B-

“Ding Dong, hello.” Featuring Becky Lynch and Lita

Lita received another backlash from fans in Canada this week. There’s no way he’s going to WrestleMania.

Bayley gleefully demanded that Becky Lynch and Lita use the door before coming to her.

Lita and Becky Lynch challenged Damage CTRL for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship, and suddenly, all of the tag team titles on the WWE main roster were up for grabs overnight.

Ding Dong, hello. Grade: B

Bronson Reed df. Chad Gable

Bronson Reid working with Alpha Academy is great for several reasons. Gable makes Reed look bigger and Gable can have as great a match with Bronson as anyone.

Otis was distracted by Maxine Dupree, leading to the Gable forfeit. Let’s hope Otis doesn’t cheat on Maxine by saying “you remind me of my ex”.

Bronson Reed vs. Chad Gable Class: A

Bobby Lashley destroys Elias

Oddly enough, Omos challenged Brock Lesnar to a match at WrestleMania. I don’t know which match is less likely to happen at WrestleMania, Lashley vs. Wyatt or omos vs. Lesnar:

Elias invited Rick Buggs to walk with Elias. Between Elias and Bugs, I don’t know who’s riding whose coattails.

Graves continued to be mad at Kevin Patrick after Patrick asked about Elias with a seemingly obvious answer. After putting on an all-time show alongside Triple H Era Michael Cole, Graves has little patience for Patrick, who is still learning on the job.

Lashley didn’t say the words “Bray Wyatt”. I’ll believe that animosity when I see it.

Bobby Lashley-Elias Segment: B+

Edge def. Austin’s theory

Edge’s pop was nice, but at the end of the three-hour Raw, it was nothing compared to Saturday night in Montreal.

Edge confirmed that he has moved on from The Bloodline and is now in transition at this WrestleMania season. WrestleMania may be loaded, but I’d be surprised if it was too loaded for Edge to get into a quality storyline.

Despite his earlier comments, Page appears to be following Judgment Day. WWE did let Austin Theory beat Edge on the same show in Canada where he called out John Cena. Theory has no choice but to overcome.

Page vs. Austin Theory Grade: B+

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