Why should Google buy Twitter?

How much Twitter is worth is the biggest question in the tech world right now. Guesses can differ from fact, as the social giant has suffered losses for years, despite being one of the leading platforms for news sources, entertainment and social commentary.

It has become known that negotiations have started regarding the acquisition of Twitter from the end, and it is believed that the potential buyer is Google’s Alphabet.

The deal might be interesting, but of more interest is how Google would handle the platform if it acquired it. Let’s not forget, the search giant’s Buzz social platform failed, and the next effort in the form of Google+ is still thirty steps away from success.

Meanwhile, sources familiar with the matter said Twitter initiated the talks, signaling the slow pace of the auction.

The well-respected but money-losing social media company has been around for nearly a decade and is said to be losing hundreds of millions of dollars a year. It is still struggling to achieve revenue breakthrough.

According to Morningstar analyst Ali Mogharabi, since Alphabet has yet to crack social media, it would be interesting if the company acquired a social giant.

Verizon could also be one of the potential companies to acquire Twitter.

Salesforce.com is also interested in buying Twitter, an unexpected development since cloud-based computing services are almost non-existent in consumer media.

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