Why is Tyra Banks leaving Dancing with the Stars? Details

He’s out. Tyra Banks announced that he is stepping down as host Dance with the stars three years later to continue his various entrepreneurial endeavors.

“From the hall to the boardroom, baby.” The 49-year-old model instructed TMZ about her exit from the reality dance contestants in an interview revealed on Friday, March 17. Read on for details on Tyra’s departure DWTS:.

Why is Tyra Banks leaving Dancing with the Stars?

“I am an entrepreneur with a coronary heart… I believe that my coronary heart, my soul is in my enterprise.” America’s Next Top Model! set the creator, including that he was “inadvertently targeted” at his ice cream model, SMiZE & Dream. “It’s also a new TV production that we’re working on… but I actually want to do my own business and you’re not going to do this internet giveaway. But you will see that I create problems not just internet hosting problems. So we got some big problems.”

When did Tyra Banks start hosting Dancing With the Stars?

Tyra rose to become a host and state producer DWTS: earlier than the 29th season of 2020 after longtime companions Tom Bergeron and: Erin Andrews was removed. They joined him Alfonso Ribeiro as host during the 31st season.

The California native did not say whether she would continue to work as a state producer after her departure, but she teased that she might keep her hand in TV.

“I really feel like it’s time for me to actually take care of my business and my entrepreneurship. And producing additional TV, but behind the scenes,” he mentioned. “I think it’s time to move from the dance floor to the inventory market.”

When Tyra became the host of Truth Dance in 2020, she noted that she was a “fan” of the sequence because it was “the beginning.”

“Delight mixed with raw emotion, seeing celebrities push their comfort zones, scorching dance performances,” she wrote in a Time statement about the current upheaval. “It always took me back to my days of making it 10 steps on the podium. Tom has built a solid foundation and I’m excited to continue the legacy and put my state producer and internet hosting hats on.”

It was no secret that 67-year-old Tom and Erin’s exits were less than amicable than the present. Hollywood Squares alum claims there were “personnel changes behind the scenes” that led to the selection.

“Those people and I did not see eye to eye on how big the present is,” the former America’s Funniest Home Videos The host was mentioned in 2021 on the late comic Bob Saget’s podcast.

Tom mentioned that he felt the same way DWTS: was supposed to be an “oasis, for 2 hours a week, from all the nonsense and divisiveness going on right now, and let’s not put political people in there,” but various producers disagreed.

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