When the shark meets the dragon

Growth funding for entrepreneurs

If you are looking for funding or funding for your online business, this could be the answer.

This podcast is 17 minutes long and can be your gateway to the means of growth.

A few years ago I had the good fortune to meet Michelle Romanou, who is a dragon in the Canadian Dragons’ Den. (Same concept as Shark Tank in Australia)

Michelle and I discussed the challenges many innovators, startups, and business owners face in obtaining much-needed funding. Most “angel funding” (including that given in our respective reports) is often used for working capital rather than strategic investments. Precious cash spent on customer acquisition costs on various digital platforms; losing equity to finance these costs is usually not in the entrepreneur’s best interest.

In addition to this great Handpicked Podcast interview, I’m working with Clear Co (who are this season’s sponsors) to bring this funding model to our community, i.e. data-driven growth funding (no pitching required). Based on social channel reviews, funding requests and basket performance funds are almost instant within 24 hours.

If you are looking for funding, click here.

Please listen to this great episode on how ClearCo has already invested in over 5,500 businesses, providing $2.5 billion in funding for online business growth…

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