What do professionals wear? Closeout Bats is dropping four special Rawlings Rev1x

Closeoutbats.com just released four killer custom Rawlings Rev1x. As of now, you can call them at 201-664-4916 to order yours, or you can wait until they go live on their website next week.

Each Rev1x model is 11.5 inches, and they are all limited to a few dozen per glove. Here are some close ups of the options.

Baby blue and white (reminiscent of Bo Bichette’s 2022 player).

Same vibe but with red and white I-Web.

The brightest of the bunch (and my favorite) is this red, baby blue and gold I-Web.

Last and most classic of the bunch is this blonde, black and silver I-Web.

All of these will retail for the Rev1x standard at $399.

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