What are the new features in iOS 17?

iOS 17 has many new features

The WWDC keynote was full of news and didn’t even cover everything coming to iOS 17. Here are all the features we’ve found so far.

Apple skipped the software portion of its WWDC keynote to ensure there was room for Apple Vision Pro and visionOS. So, while iOS 17 wasn’t in the limelight, it still packed a lot of new features for users and developers.

Since iOS 14, Apple has focused heavily on device customization and social features, and that remains true for iOS 17. Most of the featured features are for Messages, Contacts, FaceTime, and content sharing.

AppleInsider: he’s started scouring the edges of the iOS 17 beta to find every new feature, no matter how small. Here’s what we can reveal from the main and beta version.

Many features are centered around users and social interactions. Phone, Contacts, and FaceTime are tightly linked on iPhone, and the new features affect all of them.

New stickers made from photos are coming to iOS

New stickers made from photos are coming to iOS

  • Create contact wallpapers that take over the screen when you receive a call
  • Sharing name and photo now includes contact wallpaper sharing
  • Contact cards now display banners at the top
  • Users can assign preferred pronouns in the Contact Card
  • Live Voicemail transcribes voicemails in real time so the user can decide to pick up
  • Leave video messages when a call is missed
  • Messages gets search filters
  • Catch up for group messages allows users to catch up on the most recent unread message
  • Swipe instead of long pressing to reply to a message
  • Voicemails will now display a transcript
  • Shared locations are displayed in messages with a live map preview
  • iMessage check-in lets loved ones know when someone has arrived home safely, as needed.
  • iMessage apps have been moved behind the “+” button
  • Live photo stickers and animated stickers can be created and used throughout the system
  • Manage iMessage apps through the dedicated Settings section

New NFC features and AirDrop updates

Apple continues to use its NFC sensor in the iPhone. It was originally used for Apple Pay, but now has many more features, including HomeKey, which was introduced in iOS 15.

NameDrop your contact information

NameDrop your contact information

  • NameDrop exchanges contact information by bringing devices closer together
  • AirDrop with NFC touch
  • Background AirDrop over the Internet if the local connection is lost
  • Start SharePlay with an NFC tap
  • AirPlay learns user preferences for different devices
  • AirPlay is coming to hotel TVs

Sharing is caring

Collaboration and content sharing are an increasing focus during WWDC. Long-requested features like AirTag sharing have finally been announced.

Users can finally share AirTag with others

Users can finally share AirTag with others

  • Share passwords and passwords with different groups
  • Share AirTags with multiple users
  • Create collaborative Apple Music playlists (expected in iOS 17.1)
  • Passengers in the driver’s contacts can join the CarPlay SharePlay experience

Everything else

Many smaller features were revealed in iOS 17. User privacy, health, and customization continue to be Apple’s focus.

iOS 17 has many minor updates

iOS 17 has many minor updates

  • Autocorrect gets a transformative language model
  • Temporary codes sent by the Mail app are displayed as an offer (similar to Messages)
  • A switch in the Settings app lets you automatically delete messages with temporary codes after using a code in Mail and Messages.
  • New Ping My Watch button in Control Center
  • Apple Journal app and suggestions API (expected in iOS 17.1)
  • New mental health features in Health with mood recording
  • StandBy puts the iPhone into night mode
  • “Hey” has been removed from the Siri wake command
  • Safari gets profiles, a lock for private browsing, and advanced tracking and fingerprint protection
  • Offline Apple Maps
  • The Apple Home app gets a log of the previous 30 days of activity
  • Reminders get grocery sorting feature, new sorting methods
  • Photos get to know people better, now lets users tag their pets
  • Apple Music now supports crossfade
  • Adults can turn on the Sensitive Content warning to prevent unwanted nudity images and videos
  • Daily crosswords for News+ subscribers

Features come and go during the beta testing period of any operating system. Expect Apple to announce that at least some features will be delayed until a later release to improve stability.

Apple is expected to release iOS 17 to the public in September, about a week before the iPhone 15 release date. Any iPhone model newer than iPhone 8 or iPhone X is compatible.

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