Weekend Favs – Scribe AI, Munch and Watson Campaign Automation

My weekend blog post routine involves posting links to a few tools or great content I came across during the week.

I won’t go into great detail about the finds, but I recommend checking them out if they sound interesting. The photo in the post is a favorite of the week from an online source or a photo I took on the road.

  • Script AI – An AI platform that automatically creates detailed SOPs, user guides and more for any business process. This allows the user to focus on the process rather than documenting it.
  • Munch – A video AI platform that extracts the most interesting, trending and impactful clips from long-form videos. It uses generative AI and marketing analytics to deliver effective content ideas.
  • Watson Campaign Automation – This AI-powered assistant provides marketing solutions that dsmarter, highly personalized, and multichannel campaigns. One of its features is that delivering personalized messages in real-time and across multiple channels to increase customer engagement.

These are my favorites from the weekend. I’d love to hear from some of you – Tweet me! @Scotch:

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