Walsh Media announces the launch of a business TV station

A Nigerian living in Dubai. Victor Walsh Oluwafemi, owner of Walsh Media Limited and his team are proud to announce the opening of a business television station in Lagos, Nigeria. Named Souq News, the station will be the first to use data and research to cover business news, using augmented and virtual reality (first-in-class) technology to bring business stories to life.

The station will focus on the economy, financial institutions, trade and investment in Africa and will report on development projects, property, stocks and follow government businesses. The station will also feature country developments in Africa, providing in-depth analysis and insights into the latest business trends and opportunities.

Souq News is more than just a TV station. It is a platform for businesses to connect, share their stories and learn about the latest trends in the African market,” said the chairman/CEO of the media group. “We are committed to delivering accurate, relevant and engaging content that informs and inspires our audience.”

The station’s state-of-the-art studio will feature the latest technology and a team of talented journalists, analysts and producers. The station will be available to viewers in Nigeria and neighboring countries to expand its reach soon.

The launch of Souq News is an exciting development for the African business community. The station’s innovative approach to news coverage and its commitment to using technology to deliver a truly unique and immersive experience will set it apart from other regional media outlets.

The Walsh Media Group is a media company specializing in business news and analysis. Focusing on Africa, the company provides comprehensive coverage of the latest trends, developments and opportunities in the region’s economy.

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