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Marketing Podcast with Christina Inge

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In this episode of the Tape Marketing Podcast, I interview Christina Inge. He has two decades of experience leading digital strategy and managing complex marketing technology projects. He specializes in formulating efficient, effective digital strategies for organizations that leverage the latest channels to drive results. He is the founder of Sleek Marketing, which offers hands-on digital marketing education in the Boston area.

His book Marketing metrics. use analytics and data to optimize marketing strategiesis a practical guide to creating effective future-proof marketing strategies powered by data-driven techniques that can build stronger brands and products.

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Strategy is essential to running a business today, and a data-driven strategy is one of the trending methods to drive your business growth. Christina points out the importance of collecting, analyzing and using data while experimenting with trends and gaining a competitive edge in your market. The data you should focus on should relate to ROI, unique KPIs, consumer perception, and overall branding and company health. He emphasizes the idea that it is not only about data collection. it’s about being smart about the data you collect.

Questions I ask Christina Inge:

  • [01:50] When you talk to someone about this idea of ​​a data-driven strategy, how do you bridge that gap if they’re not really working from a strategic framework anyway?
  • [05:03] Today there is so much you can measure, so much data to analyze. So how do we get to what’s important?
  • [08:40] Are there any best practices for even attributing attribution or predicting or splitting attribution between channels?
  • [10:51] How do you eventually get smart and restore empathy to data?
  • [15:24] What role do advisors play in bringing more data to the forefront with their clients?
  • [17:45] Speaking of privacy changes, it’s not as easy to get some of the data we used to get. What do you see the business needing to do?
  • [21:35] What are you telling people about GA4 today?

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