Launches New AI-Language Features

Since the launch of ChatGPT in November 2022, everyone has been obsessed with this great new language model of Dialogue. With paid APIs, the market is testing and adapting the technology to accommodate all possible use cases.

But before diving deep and tailoring the solution for all use cases, be aware that ChatGPT isn’t always right with its answers. It can’t currently write about recent topics, its reliability is questionable, and it can’t answer questions about your specific data/use case (eg if you asked for your bank balance or order status). That is why it is very important that its acceptance and use should be only for its credible use cases.

Therefore, we at Verloop have come up with possible and exciting features with ChatGPT that can help you easily engage your customers without spending time writing long messages to hundreds of customers.

We’ve added available OpenAI APIs for language and refined embedding models to integrate with our conversation solutions to enable humane conversation. If you are wondering how, then read on.

ChatGPT can affect different business sectors

We understand that the capabilities and features of ChatGPT can have a huge impact on various business segments. For example,

  • Knowledge of the open domain. Its ability to integrate open domain knowledge with business knowledge to present real human-like answers.
  • Joint answers. Be able to infer knowledge from predefined knowledge bases. It enables the creation of more coherent responses. And its ability to replicate common sense logic alongside business-provided response specifics.
  • Human responses. The bot’s response scored high on multiple factors, including responsiveness, grammar, and comprehensibility, thereby closing the gap between human and robot responses in the voice AI segment. ChatGPT, for example, can make feedback and quick resolution calls engaging and humane.

But essentially, it can make the entire process of creating chatbots much easier, thus reducing our uptime. It can also help with internal proofreading and basic sanity checks.

Introducing’s AI-powered language features

  1. AI-Transformation
  2. AI- Tone setting
  3. AI- Expand


Using AI rewording, you can rewrite or reword your words, sentences, or entire content with the click of a button.

This means you don’t have to spend time crafting messages to send to your customer. Instead, the way your content reads will be overwritten by the power of AI in seconds. So your workflow will be reduced and you will spend less time writing.

AI-Tone adjustment

AI-tone setting allows your customer support team to change the tone of their message to:

Our goal with this feature is to improve the customer experience by helping agents respond quickly and use the right tone when interacting with customers.

AI- Expand

The next feature we’re rolling out in this section is AI-Expand, which allows your customer support agents to expand words and phrases to give your customer a coherent response with minimal typing effort.

They can just type a few phrases and click the expand button to have grammatically correct sentences ready in no time.

Now that you know what features we’re releasing, you should think about how they can help you in your business.

Advantages of features

Save time and effort

We often underestimate the writing effort required of an agent. Due to the large flow of messages arriving in the inbox, it can be difficult to find the right words and print complete messages. With these new features, you can write complete sentences, have the right tone, and generally have a complete conversation with customers with just one click.

Improve average response time

Spending less time compiling the entire conversation and creating a summary will significantly reduce agent response time, thus reducing your average customer support service response time overall.

Improve Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT)

In this era of instant gratification, customers expect instant answers to their queries. The average attention span has been reduced to 2 seconds, and with these new features, agents can write faster responses and provide detailed answers in less time, thus improving your loyal customer base by increasing your CSAT score.

Generate faster and better answers in less time

While ChatGPT has many drawbacks, when used correctly, businesses can improve their average response time and overall customer experience with minimal agent effort. By enabling these features for your agents in the bot, you can reduce their typing effort and time to compile and summarize each conversation.

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