Understanding the world like a CIA analyst

SUBSCRIBE + EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW — Over the weekend, Ukraine announced that its forces were encircling Bakhmut. Meanwhile, Russia congratulated its troops for capturing the bombed Ukrainian city. It’s these kinds of conflicting accounts that policymakers need clarity, and they look to the CIA to provide it. and the CIA should provide.

Helping to sort fact from fiction, former CIA deputy director for analysis Linda Weisgold’s 40-year career at the agency included assessments of the Ukrainian battlefields, Iran’s nuclear program and long-game threats from China, to name a few; which he paid special attention to during a recent interview The Cipher Brief:.

The Cipher Brief: has become the most popular means of former intelligence officers. no media is even close The Cipher Brief: by the number of articles published by the former”. –Sept. 2018, Research in Intelligence, Vol. 62:

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