UnCruise Baja – Baja California Adventure Cruise Concierge Review


Instead of a traditional mega cruise’s 1,300-mile loop that includes port calls in Cabo, Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlán, Loreto and La Paz, UnCruise follows the route of a small ship cruise through the Sea of ​​Cortez from La Paz to Loreto and back. At first glance, it may seem like you don’t do much on a boutique cruise, but just because you’re traveling further afield doesn’t mean you see as much.

It Safari Voyager It is a discrete and stealthy vessel that can enter and exit islands, islets and coastal areas that contain 39% of the world’s total marine mammal species and one-third of the world’s total marine cetacean (whales and dolphins) species. Jacques Cousteau calls this region “the aquarium of the world” and UNESCO has designated it a World Heritage Site based on its biodiversity.

The “ideal” route is a 400-mile round trip to Loreto and back, but more often than not, the skipper reads the weather and uses their discretion to find the calmest water and sheltered bays.

There are three cornerstone activities that almost always anchor an UnCruise Baja itinerary: whale shark/grey whale tours, swimming with baby sea lions and mule rides in Agua Verde with the Romero family.

Baja whale watching is extraordinary as you get to see gray whales up close in their hibernation bays. How close is it? Close enough to kiss. Now these bays are on the Pacific side, but you can reach them by bus in 2 hours. On the bay side you can see blue and humpback whales. One night we watched a dance for 10 minutes by the boat. Gray whales are winter visitors, so UnCruise moves this activity to whale shark tours during summer sails.

Snorkeling with the sea lions was amazing as they were like playful ocean cubs. I wasn’t sure about the mule rides, but UnCruise works with a local ranchero family who treat their animals with absolute respect. The experience of interacting with a rancher’s family and the views of the mountain range made it one of my favorite activities.

When comparing UnCruise to traditional cruises, the itinerary is significantly different. You’ll feel more like cruising Baja and the Gulf of California through 400 miles of coastal waters than 1,300 miles of open ocean interrupted by a random port, especially when more than half of that distance isn’t even in the Gulf of California. and 40% of the ports are not in Baja at all. Plus, think of all the fuel you’ll save.

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