Ukraine News Latest – Putin condemned for ‘crimes against humanity’ as Russia claims ‘hybrid warfare’ has been unleashed

What else did Rishi Sunak say in Munich?

Rishi Sunak emphasized how the world needs to “rebuild the international order on which our security depends,” as he added: “The whole world must hold Russia accountable.

“We have to see justice through it [International Criminal Court] for their sickening war crimes. We must think together how to ensure that Russia pays.

“Russia has committed violations against countries outside NATO’s collective security, and the reaction of the international community has not been strong enough.

“Ukraine will become a member of NATO, but until that happens, we must do more to strengthen Ukraine’s long-term security.

“We need to give them the advanced NATO-standard capabilities they need for the future, and we need to show that we will stand by them.”

He ended his speech by quoting President Zelensky, who said in the Westminster Hall last week that Ukraine and its allies were moving “toward the most important victory of our lifetime.”

Victory against the “idea of ​​war” whose end is Sunak. “We can have no greater goal than to prove him right.”

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