Ubisoft presents Rainbow Six. Siege Year 8 Season 1:

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Ubisoft has introduced Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six. Siege details for Year 8 Season 1 with news on Operation Commanding Force and the Brazilian operator.

This season introduces Brava, a new Brazilian operator, and gameplay updates, including an unprecedented reload update, a mousetrap feature that targets players using a mouse and keyboard on consoles, and further anti-malware. It is the latest update in a series that has over 80 million registered players to date and a strong esports community.

Commanding Force unleashes Brava, an attacker equipped with the Kludge Drone gadget. This drone disrupts enemy surveillance and provides countermeasures, such as transforming technology for its squadron. A highly adaptable operator, Brava can gain an advantage in any environment by taking advantage of the electronic resources available to him. The Brava is a three-speed, single-health operator, and its loadout contains the PARA-308 or CAMRS as its primary weapon and the USP40 or Super Shorty as its secondary weapon.

Players using a mouse and keyboard on consoles will trigger a penalty that adds lag to their inputs. The purpose of this penalty is to encourage fair play by removing the unfair advantage mouse and keyboard players have over consoles. Continuous use of the mouse and keyboard during the activity gradually increases the lag over several matches, making it difficult to aim and shoot.


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Tweaking the controller will gradually reduce the lag back to normal. Further antidotes include a new reputation penalty for offensive voice chat. When active, this penalty mutes repeat offenders by default to prevent hateful and disruptive content in voice chat. Muted players can still use voice chat, but will only be heard by players who unmute them.

In its 8th year, Rainbow Six Siege is focused on solidifying its position as a high-intensity tactical shooter where targeted action, precision and creative tactics are the keys to success. In Commanding Force brings a balance update to Zero, Play Section UI improvements, weapon attachment balance changes, and a new immersive reload system. interrupting the animation will leave the player without a magazine, but closed weapons will have one round. for the player to use at any time during the reload.

Also available this season are new download features to help new players learn Rainbow Six Siege; Beginner Challenges and Specialty Challenges. Starter challenges reveal the operator’s play style in the game. All Operators have one to two specialties which can be checked in the Planning Phase, the Operators section and the Operators Guides. Specialty Challenges aim to help novice players learn the different operator specialties and what they contribute to the match. By completing challenges, players can earn a variety of rewards, including an operator after completing all challenges for a single profession. If the Operator is already owned, players will earn their reputation instead. All players can be complete
challenges and earn all the rewards, not just for beginners.

From February 20 to March 20, players can purchase a limited-time Year 8 Pass for $30 to unlock the four-season Battle Pass, 14-day early access to new operators when they launch, exclusive Exotic weapons liners, 10% VIP discount. in the store etc. For $60, the Premium Year Pass offers all of the aforementioned bonuses, plus 20 additional Battle Tokens that players can use to unlock rewards faster.

The Season 1 Battle Pass features the Bravo Pack Ticket, a rare item that lets you choose an exclusive reward from the latest Bravo collection. This ticket will be awarded to Premium players who reach level 100 in this season’s Battle Pass as a reward for their dedication.

*Ubisoft+ on Luna requires account linking and a Multi-Access plan. Territorial restrictions apply

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