Top 5 Sports to Try for Beginners

Sport is an important part of society and brings many benefits. Exercising not only helps you stay fit and healthy, but also gives you something fun to do in your free time. If you’re worried that you’re spending all your time slouching in front of the TV or living a sedentary lifestyle, playing sports is a smart move.

Of course, it’s not always easy if you’re new to the sport or looking for one that can be picked up quickly. If this applies to you, the best idea is to look for sports that are suitable for beginners and are not too complicated to enjoy. But with this in mind, what are the top five sports?


One of the best sports for beginners is soccer. That’s because it’s a lot of fun and definitely gives you an intense aerobic workout. As a team sport, soccer is also very social and a good choice if you want to make new friends. With rules that are easy to pick up and a relatively low cost in terms of the gear you need, it’s also a sport that’s easy to get into all over the world.

Many people also find that soccer becomes central to their lives when they try it. You can, for example, eventually find a side you support and follow the latest results or gossip when you’re not playing. Also, you can get more out of the game by betting on it. This can help make the professional matches you watch more interesting. If you also find sportsbook promo codes, you can use the bonus money to bet on football at the sportsbook of your choice.


Basketball is also a great sport for beginners. As with soccer, a large part of this lies in how simple the game is to learn and how quickly you can get involved. Once you pick up a few basics, you can enjoy it right away. Another advantage of basketball is that there are many public courts to play on, so you don’t need to pay expensive fees at private sports clubs. All you need is a ball, shorts, t-shirt and sneakers, it’s a sport open to everyone. Offering high-octane thrills and the ability to interact with other players, it’s a great choice.


One of the easiest sports for beginners to play is baseball. Once you have a bat, ball and glove, you’re ready to go. The focus you need to hit the ball when you hit it, and it’s terrible when you hit it from distance. The feeling of throwing a fastball that eludes the bat is also exciting on the field. Making a big catch in the field is also a real joy, and all of this together makes baseball a fun sport for beginners to enjoy. Although the rules of this game may seem complicated, beginners can keep it simple by sticking to the basics.


Most people will likely have a public pool near their home, even if they don’t have their own to use. But what makes it so good for those new to the sport? Although it provides an excellent full-body workout, swimming doesn’t have to be very intense to get started. Beginners can gradually increase how much length they do per session, for example, as their fitness increases. This means it’s a sport that’s not too intimidating for beginners, and one that offers great benefits as you progress through it.


While you might think that the cost of cycling makes it unattractive for beginners, that’s not necessarily true. Used bikes can be purchased cheaply from online auction sites, and you don’t need professional kits. Cycling is a great sport because it not only gives you a great workout, but also allows you to get some fresh air and see new places as you travel. If you like solo sports, this might be worth considering as you don’t have to be part of a team to do it.

5 Best Sports for Beginners to Try

If you want to play sports but think you are unfit, inexperienced or too old, don’t worry about it. Age is just a number for top sports stars and other concerns shouldn’t stop you from playing sports either. The sports discussed above show that there is actually a lot of choice for beginners. Whether it’s team sports or solo sports, there’s sure to be something you’ll get a kick out of.

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