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Have you ever noticed that when you don’t sleep well, you seem to feel hungry all the time? And the things you crave may not be the healthy options you planned to eat. You are not alone. Our survey of over 3,100 Slimming World members* found that:

Three out of four Slimming World members say their food choices are affected by poor sleep, with crisps, chocolate and sweets being the most likely snacks when tired.

At Slimming World, we understand how sleep can affect weight and vice versa. It can become a vicious cycle. we reach for high Syn foods because we’re tired, our weight goes up and it’s even harder to sleep.

how to break the vicious cycle of sleep

We can help you reverse this cycle by improving your sleep quality through healthy lifestyle changes. This can help prevent those sleep-deprived slips that can derail our weight loss success.

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You can create a positive sleep cycle by:

  • Meal optimization – our meal plan makes it easy to choose healthier options, even when you’re tired
  • Support and strategies. we’ll help you identify your poor sleep danger zones and equip you with ways to plan and protect your weight loss.
  • Increased activity. research shows that people sleep significantly better when they lead an active lifestyle. Our Body Magic program will help you get active at a pace that works for you

All of this can lead to better sleep, greater weight loss, and a great boost of well-being.

Better sleep means we have more energy throughout the day, are more motivated to plan and cook healthy meals, and are more likely to stick to activity plans.

Donna Ludlow Slimming World Member Transformation

DONNA’S SLEEP STORY. When Donna joined Slimming World, she weighed 17st 6lb and stopped breathing at night. Losing more than 7 has helped her sleep well and wake up full of energy.

Ryan Money 15th Weight Loss Transformation - My 34th Wake Up Call - Weight Loss World Blog

RYAN’S SLEEP STORY. At 34, bricklayer Ryan Money’s weight concerns kept him up at night, causing him to sleep on the job. He has now lost 17st and is sleeping soundly.

Tips to help you sleep well

While we know there isn’t always a quick fix for sleep problems, these tried-and-true tactics can help:

🍎 Avoid eating large meals close to bedtime. If you want an evening snack, reach for something high in fiber and low in fat and sugar, as studies show that eating foods low in fiber and lower in fat and sugar can negatively impact sleep quality. Examples may include:

  • nonfat natural Greek yogurt and sliced ​​banana
  • carrot sticks and Slimming World hummus
  • plain popcorn
  • rice cakes
  • sliced ​​apple and 1 tablespoon low-fat peanut butter

🍷 Reduce alcohol consumption. While this may initially make you drowsy, which can help you drift off, it can also lead to a restless night, early awakenings, and poorer sleep overall.

📱 Ban screens from the bedroom. The glare from our cell phones, tablets, and TVs delays the release of melatonin, which normally helps you sleep.

🚶Enjoy a brisk walk or light stretching in the evening. Research shows that mild to moderate exercise can help you sleep better. Try to plan a more strenuous activity for the beginning of the day.

🛁 Build a relaxing routine. Stress and anxiety can keep us up at night. So try to do something relaxing before bed, like taking a warm bath, stretching, reading a good book, or drinking a warm, milky drink.

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*Holloway, L., Morris, L., Dowse, E., Bennett, SE, Lavin, J. (2016) Losing sleep? Perspectives on the relationship between sleep and weight-related behaviors in people with weight loss goals.

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