Things To Consider Before Owning a Bulldog!


What You Should Know Before Owning a Bulldog?

You want to own a bulldog and that’s probably why you’re here today and the first thing I’m gonna tell you is Bulldogs are not cheap; Bulldogs are expensive dogs to own.

First of all if you’re gonna get a bulldog as a puppy, plan to spend at least 3,000 to 7,000 dollars on your Bulldog, if you get lucky you might find one for 1,800 to 2,500 but keep in mind these are expensive dogs.

A lot of people ask why these dogs are so expensive, and they have a right to be, in most cases Bulldogs can’t breed on their own and they have to be bred by artificial insemination by a veterinarian, so that costs money to pay for a veterinarian to breed them.

Another thing is these dogs don’t have babies on their own either, they need to have a c-section, bulldog puppies heads are very big and it’s hard for them to get through a pelvic canal, and they need to have c-sections.

A c-section costs about three thousand to five thousand dollars depending on your veterinarian, so that is another expense that Bulldog owners have to go through.

so another thing you absolutely need to know when you’re gonna own a bulldog is that they get chronic skin infections, and that could be due to secondary allergies but anyways you need to know that these Bulldogs get skin infections.

The reason they get them is first of all these dogs have allergic skin types, and they have these skin folds and these wrinkles which is why we love them so much and why people want to get these dogs.

These wrinkles and these skin folds trap moisture and they get bacterial infections and yeast infections, these are uncomfortable for the dogs it’s one of the most common veterinary appointments with Bulldogs is skinfold pyoderma that’s the medical term for it.

They need to be treated with courses of antibiotics courses of antifungal medications, and it gets expensive you’re gonna be spending a lot of money on them with vet bills.

So before you get your bulldog just make sure you have some money saved up I would say probably a thousand dollars at least a year to take care of their skin infections.

The last thing you need to know if you’re gonna own a bulldog is that this is a brachycephalic breed that’s a short nose smush feast can’t breathe kind of breed, what that means is that these dogs need to be in the AC they have to be living in a cool environment that will make it easy for them to breathe.

They have stenotic Nerys which means very thin noses where they can’t gain air to come in there the back of their throat is very thick it’s hard for them to get air even breathing inwards.

These dogs they can die from heatstroke very easy you can’t leave them outside if you go camping a lot this isn’t a dog for you they don’t want to go camping they want to be in the AC.

don’t want you to be deceived by how beautiful these dogs there is a lot of work and a lot of vet care that goes into these type of dogs.

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