The wooden ITX PC Case reeks of elegance

Computer cases have come a long way from the ugly beige boxes of the early 2000s. However, if it were to sit on his desk, [MXC Builds] wanted something with a little more class. His custom Ironbark ITX PC seems to fit the aesthetic well.

The outer shell of the case is ironbark wood, cut at 45 degrees and joined with a beautiful waterfall edge (the grain of the wood seems to flow seamlessly). The power supply has been heavily modified to take a slimmer but larger fan, and a new cover and intake grill have been 3D printed. Since there were no mounting holes on the bottom of the PSU, he printed a bracket with spring clips to hold the PSU securely. He then ran the PCI riser cable to the other side of the internal panel so the GPU could mount on the back. He cut custom cables to fit the length needed for each run. Finally, instead of having the power button on the front or top, it was on the side in a custom bracket.

It’s an absolutely gorgeous build that packs a respectable amount of hardware into a small space (7.9 L or ~482 inches).3:) The use of 3D printed parts and careful planning results in an incredibly neat computer that most would be proud to display on their desk. It’s an open-air case, and if you’re looking for something a little more indoor, perhaps this mid-century computer might whet your appetite.

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