The winners of WAN-IFRA’s Digital Media Awards Americas have been announced

Best news site

STAT, USA |: The leading website covering health, medicine and science

Through its digital platform, STAT collects information, data and scientific publications that strengthen healthcare, medicine and scientific research. Using photographs, graphics, essays, and opinion pieces, STAT engages the scientific community, universities, and companies in concrete actions that seek to combat racism in medicine and structural problems in the pharmaceutical industry.

A winner from a small or local company

STAT, USA |: The leading website covering health, medicine and science

The best use of video

N+, Mexico |: Irregular ambulance. Ambulance

This multi-format survey shows how easy it is to buy and operate an ambulance in Mexico City, creating a business based on emergency care. The injured are subjected to medical neglect and violence, while private hospitals and ambulance owners profit from excessive charges without any penalty. It exposes corrupt networks of ambulance buyers with police and hospitals without the necessary infrastructure.

A winner from a small or local company

Grupo AM, Mexico |: Panzasverdes – documentary mini-series

Using audiovisual content, Panzasverdes seeks to capture the cultural, social and economic history of Leon in Guanajuato, Mexico. Through interviews and investigative work, the miniseries manages to recover the most important symbolic and identity aspects of the city. Using different formats, including social networks, Panzasverdes becomes Grupo AM’s first video series to premiere weekly.

Best data visualization

Insider, USA |: America’s Lost Chinatowns

“America’s Lost Chinatowns” is part of a two-part series looking at the past and future of some of America’s most important cultural centers from the perspective of the owners, locals and activists working tirelessly to breathe new life into these communities. It addresses themes of immigration, community, respect and resilience.

A winner from a small or local company

Marshall Project, USA |: Who Bikes in and Out of Cuyahoga County Courthouses?

Thousands of people enter the Cuyahoga County Justice Center each year to have their felony cases heard by judges. But the Cleveland community has been closed to understanding how systemic injustice accumulates, including arrests and charging decisions, access to bail, plea deals and sentencing. In this investigation, The Marshall Project uncovers the inner workings of justice in the historically opaque Cuyahoga County justice system.

The best digital subscription initiative

Clarin, Argentina |: the Spanish-language publication with the largest number of subscribers

After launching a registration system and digital subscription model a few years ago, Clarín surpassed the 500,000 subscriber milestone in September 2022, becoming the leader among Spanish-language newspapers and ranked 15th among the world’s leading newspapers. It was the first media outlet in Argentina to do so, realizing that a business model based solely on advertising was exhausted and that it was necessary to move to a model where revenues from subscribers had a greater weight.

A winner from a small or local company

STAT, USA |: STAT’s new subscription offering for small, self-service groups

As STAT’s audience continues to grow, they give their readers as much control and flexibility as possible to choose the type of subscription that best suits their teams and employees. With this in mind, a new subscription offering, unique in media and publishing, has been created for small groups and/or teams. STAT’S Self-Serve Group functionality provides STAT+ access for up to 10 users. Therefore, smaller teams are no longer required to have a conversation with a sales representative if they are already convinced/ready to buy together.

Best newsletter

The Washington Post, USA |: Climate coach

Ciimate change is a deeply, inescapably personal story for millions of people. Many miracles. What can I do? To find answers to this question, The Washington Post launched the Climate Coach newsletter in January 2023. The newsletter is The Post’s first climate email product and its flagship newsletter for the Climate vertical. Published twice weekly and with a companion column, Climate Coach tackles issues ranging from whether Americans are still using their devices like it’s 1970 to why lentils are the perfect legume to fight climate change to dirt magical properties.

A winner from a small or local company

Brazil Report, Brazil |: Brazil Daily, Brazil Weekly, Latin America Weekly

The Brazilian Report is an English-language media outlet uniquely positioned to offer an insider’s view of current affairs in Brazil. The site operates on a subscription-based model, with three newsletters covering the site’s flagship products. For less than $200 a year, readers get access to Brazil’s weekly and daily newsletters delivered to their inbox every weekday, and a weekly Latin America newsletter.

The ultimate in audience engagement

LA NACION, Argentina |: Emotions, predictions, predictions, users interact with La Nacion during the World Cup in Qatar

Using various mathematical models, the project seeks to develop an interactive platform that allows the user to express their state of mind during football matches and, at the same time, participate in predicting results and distributing player ratings. The platform analyzes data in real-time to map different emotions and interactions simultaneously.

A winner from a small or local company

Aos Fatos, Brazil |: Aos Fatos Automation Strategy for Telegram

Telegram is a social media platform with over 40 million users in Brazil. Its increasingly significant use to spread disinformation about Brazil’s 2022 elections encouraged Aos Fatos to outline an official channel and strategy to launch their benchmark chatbot on the platform.

Best Podcast:

The Outlaw Ocean Project, USA |: The Outlaw Ocean Podcast

Few places on the planet are as lawless as the high seas. This seven-part podcast series, The Lawless Ocean, explores the laws, history and lifestyle of a hidden kingdom populated by traffickers, mercenaries, ruined thieves and repo men, vigilante conservationists and elusive poachers, oil tankers, bonded slaves and looters. travelers Through their astonishing stories of bravery and brutality, the series exposes a global network of crime and exploitation on the high seas.

Best ePaper-Concept

Grupo RBS, Brazil |: JH archive

Acervo ZH is a product launched in August 2022 that has already organized and made available more than 24 thousand daily issues of Jornal Zero Hora in digital format (e-paper). There are 11,976 covers (1964 to 1998) and 12,316 complete editions (1999 to present). The project focuses on contributing to the society and the digital business of Grupo RBS by saving almost 60 years of history of our state and country written in the pages of Zero Hora from 1964 to now.

A winner from a small or local company

Atlanta Journal-Constitution, USA |: Everyday heroes

Our communities are filled with ordinary people who accomplish extraordinary feats. As the holidays approach, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution celebrated 55 inspiring Georgians in its “Everyday Heroes” series. Between Thanksgiving and the end of the year, stories appeared on the front page of their print newspaper, in the ePaper and through a special digital presentation on

Best Trust Initiative

Agência Lupa, Brazil |: Election 2022 coverage

The project consisted of Lupa’s journalistic coverage of the 2022 general election. The main objectives were to combat misinformation and produce relevant content that can contribute to public debate, respect for the democratic process and voter decision-making. The coverage was divided into three phases: campaign, results and transition.

A winner from a small or local company

The Trust Project, USA |: The 8 Trust Indicators help local news organizations build trust and brand loyalty in the communities they serve

The Trust Project unites news organizations across America and beyond under a globally recognized standard that allows them to distinguish their careful and socially responsible reporting from deception and misdirection. Its mission is to advance journalism’s commitment to transparency, accuracy, inclusion and fairness so that the public can make informed news choices. The program’s 8 Trust Indicators are displayed on participating websites and promoted as a media literacy tool.

Best native advertising / sponsored content

O GLOBO, Brazil |: A global citizen

The Global Citizen project was created by Valor Econômico, Brazil’s leading business newspaper, in partnership with Santander Bank. The project consists of an international event and a powerful branded content platform. In its fifth edition, which took place in 2022, the event offered a practical discussion of the ESG concept; how companies and governments can contribute to building a sustainable future.

Best lifestyle or sports website

LA NACION, Argentina |: Manija Mundial. the first TikTok news site from legacy media

Using an innovative format, LA NACION’s Manija Mundial project seeks to transform the consumption of news about soccer and the Argentina national team. The project, designed for the 2022 World Cup, blends the TikTok-style use of data, statistics and stories to create a unique space for interaction and experience. Based on audience type and needs research, Manija is committed to increasing World Cup coverage and engaging new generations in the world of football.

About the awards

For more than a decade, WAN-IFRA has recognized the efforts of publishers who have developed unique and original initiatives in the field of digital media with the help of new tools and formats, using the most advanced technologies or promoting innovations, from new approaches. digital subscriptions to the most compelling digital stories or native advertising initiatives. The Digital Media Awards is a reference for the industry at a regional and global level.

Who can apply for the 2023 Digital Media America Awards?

The WAN-IFRA Digital Media Americas Awards are open to media companies and organizations, as well as media outlets operating in the industry throughout the Americas (USA, Canada, Mexico, Central and South America). Nominations must be prepared and entered by a media outlet, organization representative, advertising agency, or public relations firm on behalf of the company. International media active in the Americas can participate as long as the project is published in one of the regional media.

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