Meet Shadow, The white German Shepherd Who Adopted This Family’s Pygmy Goat!

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In the animal kingdom it’s always nice to hear about a mom Cat or Dog who has adopted a baby that’s not their own. It’s always adorable to watch as a the most unlikely of companions become family and care for each other. Normally, every now and again you’ll even hear about a cat who adopts a dog or vice versa, a dog that adopts an adorable kitten.

But it’s pretty rare to see when a domesticated animal like a dog or a cat bonds with an animal of the barnyard variety like what has happened here with this White German shepherd mom Shadow and this cute little pygmy goat who snuggles up so close to her over protective mother. It just melts my heart and makes my whole day that much brighter for having been a witness to such an amazing relationship.

Now during the Holidays this little family will have one less thing to worry about as Shadow takes over the role as loving care giver for this baby goat. According to Shadow’s owners, this adoptive mom takes this role very seriously and is always licking and grooming the young goat in an effort to it groomed just right.

German shepherd dogs are known for being protective of their owners and over family members. It’s the reason why they are the #1 choice for police and military animals. They are exceptional learners who are easily trained and caring nurturers for offspring and puppies. And now we can add Pygmy Goats to that list as well.

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This adorable little pygmy goat according to it’s owner, is even small for this particular breed of goat and was in danger of not surviving until it was taken home and introduced to the family pet. Shadow immediately took an active role in the care for the little pygmy goat and has not left it’s side since the owner see it down for Shadow to sniff and become familiar with.

“She really likes the baby goat.” Shadow’s owner told us.” Shadow’s always licking her and they both follow each other around everywhere and love to take lots of naps together.” Isn’t that just the sweetest thing ever? I personally own a German Shepherd and I am a big fan of the breed all together. I always find it amazing when one creature makes the choice to raise another creature of a different species.

It goes to show the real amount of love that animals have for each other and their owners. They choose to show it in their own unique ways sometimes. Ways, that just astound and baffle us. Also in the ways that make us want to become better people. People that don’t see things the way people sometimes do but instead from the heart of matters. From the best way to see life and happiness unfold. From pure, genuine, perfect love.

That’s what the story of Shadow and her little baby Pygmy Goat are really saying. Sometimes in life we all need a hand, we all need someone who cares and who is willing to stay beside us, despite what we might look like or where and who we come from. We all deserve to be loved.

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