The US, UK and Australia have announced plans for nuclear submarines

Reuters. Looking to China, Biden and Allies Reveal Nuclear-Powered Submarine Program for Australia

* The first phase, when Australia will buy US subscriptions in the early 2030s

* Australia will receive new SSN-AUKUS class subscribers in the 2040s

* The project will cost Australia $245 billion by 2055

* Biden expects to speak with China’s leader soon

The United States, Australia and Britain on Monday released details of a plan to give Australia nuclear-powered attack submarines from the early 2030s to counter China’s ambitions in the Indo-Pacific region.

Speaking at the US Naval Base in San Diego, accompanied by Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, US President Joe Biden announced the 2021 The Indo-Pacific region with two of America’s “strongest and most capable allies.”

Sunak called it a “powerful partnership”, adding: “For the first time, this will mean that three submarine fleets will work together across the Atlantic and Pacific oceans to keep our oceans free … for decades to come.”


The US, UK and Australia have announced plans for nuclear submarines

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