The underlying message of Putin and Xi. war is coming

EXPERIENTIAL PERSPECTIVE — About thirty years ago, when I was a CIA station chief in the war-torn Balkans, a US special operations soldier I worked with gave me a special gift in honor of our time together.

He was an elite soldier from a family of elite soldiers. His stepfather served as a Green Beret in Vietnam, while his father was one of the German GSG-9 commanders who freed a plane from terrorists at Mogadishu Airport in 1977. A gift from a WWII German MG-34 machine gun. derived from the weapon his grandfather carried as a Fallschirmjaeger (“paratrooper”) during Operation Eiche (“Oak”) in 1943. the raid freed Benito Mussolini from his mountaintop prison.

The Cipher Brief: has become the most popular means of former intelligence officers. no media is even close The Cipher Brief: by the number of articles published by the former”. –Sept. 2018, Research in Intelligence, Vol. 62:

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