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More often than not, a typical “thank you” page during the checkout process simply repeats the order details and shares shipping and tracking information. But beyond that, very few Shopify thank you pages actually focus on this customer conversion.

Stores rely on retargeting and remarketing campaigns to drive repeat sales. But we believe it’s possible to convert buyers again while they’re on your site.

In this article, we share how you can use your Shopify thank you page to get to know your customers better and drive more sales.

Why should you optimize your Shopify thank you page?

There are a number of reasons why you should optimize your Shopify thank you page. But here are some reasons that will definitely convince you.

Acquiring new customers is expensive

With the number of online stores increasing day by day, it is difficult to reach your target audience. Not only are you fighting for attention, but you’re also fighting the competition for who offers the best discount. As a result, you spend on advertising to improve your brand awareness, then spend on trying to acquire customers, and so on.

Simply put, acquiring new customers has become prohibitively expensive.

It costs five times more to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one.


Repeat customers make larger purchases

A customer who has just completed a purchase from your store has demonstrated trust in your brand and the products you offer. Compared to new shoppers, these customers are more likely to check out other products, deals and sales in your store. Just a little bit of timing pushes them in that direction.

What more? Your average order value also goes up.

A returning customer spends 3x more than a first-time customer and a loyal customer spends 5x more.

Repeat sales increase revenue

When you optimize your Shopify thank you page, you sell more to your existing customer. This way, you also reduce the amount you have to spend to acquire new customers. Because repeat sales cost less than “trying” a new one, your store generates more revenue.

Repeat customers generate up to 3x more revenue per visit than a new customer.


In conclusion, its consumer psychology you are playing with here. The customer is already in a shopping mood and is likely going to another store. What if you could use the window right before the move to learn more about this customer or sell them more?


Well, you can’t customize and personalize Shopify’s thank you page for every customer. But what you can do is experiment with different optimization tactics using an app like ReConvert.

Here are some of our favorite Shopify thank you page optimization tactics:

Ways to Optimize Your Shopify Thank You Page

  1. Include a video to talk to customers

    When a customer lands on the thank you page, all they expect to see is the order details. Surprise them with an embedded video that “talks” to them.

    You can use video to inform them about your shipping process, your subscription plans, an upcoming product launch, or a big sale that’s right around the corner.

    Shopify Thank You Page Video

  2. Offer a time-sensitive offer with a pop-up window

    A buyer has just completed a purchase. Immediately after checking the order details, this customer is bound to exit your website. Instead of just letting them go, why not use their intention to leave the site to promote something that keeps them coming back for a few more minutes?

    Shopify Store Pop Up

    Using a flyer, grab the customer’s attention and offer a time-sensitive discount. A sense of urgency and the fear of missing out on a good deal will drive your customers to shop more before they leave.

    Shopify Store Pop Up

  3. Take advantage of the opportunity to sell your products

    A typical Shopify thank you page is boring. It consists only of invoice and order details as per customer preference. You also send the same information to the customer via email and text messages. So why not do more on your last checkout page?

    You already know this customer’s preference and their spending power. Use that data to sell other products.

    Did you know that one of the most overlooked parts of eCommerce is cross-selling?

    It is a great strategy to keep your customers on your website.

    By definition, cross-selling is a marketing strategy that involves selling customers additional products or services related to the one they just purchased.

    You can do the following tips for cross-selling:

    Offer discounts on your Shopify thank you page to entice customers to buy from you again.

    Include a “Customers Also Bought” section that may be of interest to your customers.

    Offer related products to customers’ purchases to keep them in your store.

  4. Encourage their next purchase

    What’s the one thing that draws you back to a brick-and-mortar brand store? Loyalty points or the discount you are going to get thanks to a previous purchase.

    By applying the same consumer psychology, you can encourage the customer to make another purchase. Offer a discount code they can use on their next purchase on your Shopify thank you page. Most importantly, make sure you create a sense of urgency to take advantage of it. leaving too much room for the buyer to return, which could result in you losing them.
    Discount offer for next purchase for Shopify thank you page

  5. Join social networks

    Social media is one of the most effective platforms to engage customers with your brand. But getting these customers to follow you on social media can be difficult. But when you motivate an existing customer to follow you, they’re more likely to convert.

    You can use Shopify’s thank you page to get a customer to connect with you on Facebook or Instagram. You can also incentivize the act and encourage them to share your brand or their purchases on their accounts.

    Later, you can use this new “link” to retarget them with ads that promote other products.
    Social media

  6. Leverage repurchase requests

    Customer feedback surveys typically receive low response rates. What’s more, those who reach out to you often respond within hours or even days of being in your store.

    Include a quick survey on your Shopify thank you page so that it solves both of these problems.

    You can add a popup button or CTA to ask your customers for surveys. This can help you understand more about the customer’s purchase journey, while also exploring areas you need to improve.

  7. Learn more about your customer

    You’ve already tracked the products they’ve viewed and noted what products they’ve purchased. Now, before they leave, try to get more information that doesn’t register so easily.

    Take for example their date of birth or who they shopped for – themselves, a family member or a friend.

    Using that data, you can create automated marketing campaigns to re-engage and convert buyers. For example, send them an exclusive discount code on their birthday.

  8. Share order tracking information

    Online shoppers are looking for instant gratification. The best way to reach these customers is to keep them updated on the progress of their order.

    Use your Shopify thank you page to share order tracking information by updating it with status. While they have to estimate when they should receive the order, you get the chance to promote more products to them.
    The back number of the Shopify Thank You page

Get more from your Shopify Thank You page

Don’t let your Shopify thank you page go to waste. Use it as an opportunity to convert buyers who already trust you into repeat sales.

But as with all your web pages and forms, keep experimenting with your Shopify thank you page. See what works best for your brand and what brings you closer to the customer and learn more about them.

How do you use your Shopify Thank You Page?

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How do I change my thank you page on Shopify?

You can customize the thank you page using CSS or Javascript.

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