The quantum revolution is almost upon us

INSIDE FRONT. The potential of quantum is unquestionable and far-reaching. It could create unbreakable encryption (and render current encryption methods useless), drive advances in artificial intelligence, and even accelerate the development of drugs and medical treatments. That wide range of possible outcomes explains why investments are pouring into the field from around the world. And as governments and companies announce new quantum initiatives and strategies, research and development is particularly intense, taking place in three areas: quantum computing, sensors and communication.

BIG QUESTIONS. As the global race for quantum breakthroughs intensifies, what will be the impact on economies, national security, and life on the planet? Who will and who will not benefit economically from quantum leaps? And what is the potential of world powers to enter an unprecedented era?quantum warfare“?

The Cipher Brief: has become the most popular means of former intelligence officers. no media is even close The Cipher Brief: by the number of articles published by the former”. –Sept. 2018, Research in Intelligence, Vol. 62:

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