The power of digital strategy in the digital age

Marketing Podcast with Mike Lennox

Mike Lennox, guest on the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast

In this episode of the Tape Marketing Podcast, I interview Mike Lennox. He is the Taylor Murphy Professor of Business at the University of Virginia Darden School of Business. He has served on the faculty at Duke and NYU and as a visiting professor at Harvard, Stanford, and Oxford.

His new book Strategy in the digital age. mastering digital transformation explains how digital technologies enable the creation of innovative services and products.

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In the digital age, digital strategies are about finding valuable positions at the intersection of an organization’s values, market opportunities, and capabilities. In the digital age, technology has a pervasive impact, and data plays a central role in transforming customer value propositions, operations and industry structure. Companies need to be proactive, adapt their capabilities and consider social implications and ethical considerations in their digital strategies.

Questions I ask Mike Lennox:

  • [01:51] How do you define strategy?
  • [02:44] How might someone look at a digital strategy versus a conventional strategy?
  • [04:02] In your book, how do digital technologies enable the creation of services and products across an entire industry?
  • [05:48] AI is essentially data massage technology. What are some of the opportunities as well as some of the threats?
  • [07:27] How would you work with someone to help them discover where their opportunities might lie or in real danger of being disrupted?
  • [11:29] What’s a startup’s strategy for taking on a really big entrenched industry that doesn’t want to go away?
  • [16:08] There are some social implications and policies when talking about AI. Where does this fit into the rush to digitization?
  • [18:00] Give me some examples of companies that are getting the AI ​​mindset right.

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