The Perils of Girl Scout Cookie Season!

Even as a motivated, goal-oriented individual, there’s still a chance you’ll be included as a purchase order among the more than 200 million Girl Scout boxes expected to be sold. Girl Scout’s sales pitch for the raw experience of teaching girls valuable life skills and their commitment to using the proceeds to benefit society is pretty compelling. Often people only buy cookies because they feel guilty about not giving their money to charity, so they spend money on a box or two, putting their conscience at ease but putting their health at risk.

This Girl Scout cookie season, we challenge you to step up in terms of cookie consumption. Are you committed to a healthy lifestyle? don’t wipe out your progress for the temporary gratification of a sweet treat. There are countless alternatives that will leave you with the same feelings of satisfaction, both in terms of conscience and taste.

Cash donations

One of the most common justifications for buying cookies is that it benefits the community and is for a good cause, but there are ways to give back that don’t involve tickling Tagalongs®.

If you can’t say no, politely tell whoever is trying to sell you cookies that you intend to donate money to a local charity of your choice instead of buying cookies. So your money is still well spent and your conscience will be at ease. If you’re not ready to decline when asked to make a purchase, offer to donate money directly to their cause instead. Since Girl Scouts’ goal is to raise money, it’s safe to say they’ll find free funding more than enough.

Donate your cookies

If you end up being talked into buying the horribly addictive seasonal treats, or already have them, consider boxing them up and shipping them to our troops overseas or donating them to a local food bank.

There are many people who would love to have the opportunity to enjoy these American favorites. give them a chance! When you donate Girl Scout cookies, you’re doing a double good by benefiting your immediate community and filling the snack shelf of someone in need. Plus, it’s fun, interactive, and a great feeling to do that you can’t get from donating blindly.

Get your flavor on with protein shakes

If you’ve been known to shop for great flavors, try making a healthy swap. Protein shakes are a great option because they are low in calories, nutritious, and taste great. Red Mountain Weight Loss® offers a variety that are the perfect replacement.

Girl Scout Cookie Exchange

Be strong this cookie season; you are better than your desires. Supporting the Girl Scouts is all well and good, but there are smarter ways to do it than buying a bunch of boxes. The next time you run into a Girl Scout, whether it’s at home or at the supermarket, use these tips as a way to stay sane.

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