The Kremlin says Moscow and Tehran will resume mutually beneficial relations despite US pressure

Moscow has never had any illusions that the US will stop putting pressure on countries seeking mutually beneficial cooperation. Russia and Iran, as well as a number of other countries, will continue to build relations based on mutual benefit and respect, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Thursday.

“We have never had any illusions that the United States will give up trying to put pressure on Russia, Iran and other countries that are really looking for mutually beneficial cooperation. We always knew that the pressure will continue,” he told reporters.

However, this pressure will not affect the building of mutually beneficial relations between Russia and its partners, the spokesperson added.

“But we have also always been sure that both Russia and a whole group of countries, including Iran, which, by the way, has adapted very well to this US pressure, will continue their coordinated work to build a solid relationship. about mutual benefit, mutual respect, taking each other’s interests and concerns into account,” continued Peskov.

Russia and Iran have recently begun deepening their economic and energy ties to counter Western sanctions against both countries.

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