The Iranian official. During uranium enrichment, it is natural to find 84% particles

A representative of Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization, AEOI, says it is normal to find 84 percent atomic particles in the enrichment process.

Behruz Kamalvandi made such a comment in response to reports that International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) inspectors found uranium enriched to 84% purity at Iran’s nuclear facility.

Kamalvandi said, “You can produce 5% enriched uranium and still find 11% particulates, or you can produce 20% and find 37% particulates.”

An AEOI spokesman said this was only a technical issue, adding that “when the fuel is injected, it is enriched to a higher purity”.

Kamalvandi further criticized the IAEA for providing sensitive information to Western countries after monitoring Iran’s nuclear activities under the Safeguards Agreement.

He demanded the nuclear control body to act professionally and avoid politicizing the issue. Kamalvandi emphasized that the worrying thing is that Western countries use the IAEA as a tool to achieve their political goals.

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