The Hooding royal couple serves no purpose

“Attention seekers”. “They’ve outgrown it.” We’ve heard it all before.

At some point recently, this series went from a compelling, raucous script to sad, pathetic, and awkward. And it is now unclear how the continued beating and stalking of the Sussex couple serves any further purpose.

Harry and Meghan have been easy targets for the media for years. Escaping their earned and carefully cultivated reputation, they are presented as public enemy number one. At the same time, Vladimir Putin gives orders to steal children, rape Ukrainian women, imprison his opponents and bomb the homes of millions of families.

The average person in the UK has loyalty and respect for the Crown and the Royal Family. Some openly patriotic, many just quiet. Most people over the age of 50 think little of the royal expats who now live in California.

Since stepping down as royals in 2021, they’ve been called a lot by many people. Some, if not most, have been worthy. Their behavior and motives have sometimes been questionable, sometimes simply dishonest. But along the way, they’ve uncovered some unpleasant home truths about us.


So what’s the point of the hate that goes on now? Who does it serve and what does it achieve?

Over the past few weeks, Harry has used the British courts to reveal a story of some pretty disgraceful media behaviour. Not all of his claims were accurate, but most certainly were. There remain some very uncomfortable facts to face in dealing with both himself and his wife.

So where are we going? Do we need to be taken back to those scenes in the Paris tunnel so that we can adjust our perspectives together? Will a deranged man attack them in the street like murdered British MP Jo Cox or Beatle John Lennon?

New York City Mayor Eric Adams walked a tightrope between healthy skepticism and empathy. Adams condemned the incident as “a bit reckless and irresponsible”.

“It is clear that the press, the paparazzi want to get the right shot,” he said. “But public safety must always come first.”

But then he addressed what we were all thinking when we first saw the title, and it’s something that should give us pause for thought.

“I don’t think there are many of us who don’t remember how her mother died,” Adams says, “and it would be terrible to lose an innocent bystander in a pursuit like that and for something to happen to them. “.


The demonization of Harry and Meghan must stop before it goes too far. Hating them no longer serves a purpose. Catching them less.

If nothing else, the two young Sussex kids deserve the chance to have a parent’s love and affection as they grow older.

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