The COVID vaccine can cause permanent disability

By Lorenz Duchamp

German Health Minister Karl Lauterbach, who once claimed the COVID-19 vaccine was free of side effects, admitted last week he was wrong, saying adverse reactions occur at one dose in 10,000 and can cause “severe invalid”:

Lauterbach on August 14, 2021 said on Twitter that the vaccines had no “side effects”, further questioning why some Germans refused to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

During an interview with ZDF’s Heute Journal on March 12, host Christian Sievers asked Lauterbach about the claims he made in the summer of 2021, confronting the health minister with his previous tweet that the shot was virtually free of side effects.

Lauterbach responded that the tweet was “wrong” and an “exaggeration” he made at the time, saying it “doesn’t represent my true position.”

“I’ve always been aware of the numbers and they’ve remained relatively stable…one in 10,000 [are injured]Lauterbach said. “Some say it’s a lot and some say it’s not that much.”

Lauterbach’s remarks about the vaccine’s adverse events came after the German network played a segment of several Germans who were seriously injured after the shot, including a 17-year-old gymnast who previously competed in the German artistic gymnastics championships before being hospitalized. More than a year after receiving the second dose of the BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine.

“What about those who are affected? [by vaccine injuries]?” Sievers asked Lauterbach.

“What happened to these people is absolutely appalling and each case is too many,” Lauterbach replied. “Honestly, I feel very sorry for these people. There is severe disability, and some of it will be permanent.”

Steve Kirsch, executive director of the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation, disagreed with Lauterbach, but he praised the health minister for “progress,” comparing his latest remarks to his previous comments on the safety and effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines.

“The actual rate of serious adverse events is about 100 times higher than the figures cited by Lauterbach, ‘closer to 1 in 100 doses’ and ‘1 in 1,000 doses for death,'” Kirsch said. said on Twitter.

By October 31, 2022, the Paul-Ehrlich-Institut had received a total of 333,492 individual case reports of suspected adverse reactions to the COVID-19 vaccine or vaccine side effects in Germany, according to official data (pdf) published in 2022 in December by the medical service. a regulatory body that examines vaccines and biomedical products.

“The number of monthly individual case reports peaked in December 2021 and continued through the summer,” the federal agency, which reports to Germany’s health ministry, said.

Despite these findings, the country’s health ministry website states as of March 16 that “modern vaccines are safe and adverse effects occur only in rare cases.”

Court cases are pending

As the topic of post-vaccination injuries has begun to be more widely covered by some German media, lawsuits have been launched against BioNTech as well as other manufacturers of COVID-19 vaccines.

BioNTech has denied all liability, ZDF reported.

Vaccine manufacturers like Pfizer and Moderna have immunity from liability if something inadvertently goes wrong with their vaccines, which puts them in a very strong legal position.

“It is true that within these EU treaties, companies have largely been absolved of responsibility, and that responsibility therefore rests with the German state,” Lauterbach said.

However, despite this, the health minister said it would “definitely” be a good idea if biopharmaceutical companies “show a willingness to help” those affected by adverse vaccine events, especially because their profits are “exorbitant”.

“So it’s not just going to be a nice gesture, we have to look forward to it,” he said.

Lauterbach said the priority now is to facilitate care for those suffering from post-vaccination syndrome. He added that he was “negotiating with the budget committee” to start a program to help the victims.

“So it’s something that we also have to implement, it’s a commitment, and it will confuse the experts in this field so that the chances of good therapy in Germany will increase,” he said.

Treatment of vaccine injuries

Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet said in a recent interview on EpochTV’s “Crossroads” that it is already known that the toxicity of spike protein, another component of the COVID-19 vaccine, can cause complications and adverse reactions soon after the shots are fired. .

“In the first six months after the spread of the COVID-19 vaccines, I had a whole gamut of patients with all kinds of problems that they hadn’t had before,” he said, adding that the only thing these cases had in common was that they all. had vaccines against COVID-19.

To help people suffering from vaccine injuries, the Truth for Health Foundation has produced an educational booklet that explains adverse vaccine reactions and treatment options, said Vliet, who also serves as the foundation’s president and CEO.

Treatments include prescription drugs, nutrients, supplements, nutrition, neuroprotection, immune boosters, and lifestyle changes, Vliet said, adding that he uses this combined approach to treat his patients and has had positive results.

“One of the main drugs that has had tremendous benefits for the patients I treat, for example, is hydroxychloroquine,” Vliet said, “because it’s anti-inflammatory, it’s an immune modulator, it’s antiviral.”

“In the history of the worldwide vaccination program, we’ve never had an experimental vaccine that crosses the blood-brain barrier, gets right into the brain and nervous system,” Vliet said.

“These shots of COVID gene therapy do that,” he said. “They also cross the placental barrier … so it’s understandable why these experimental gene therapy shots cause so much damage to developing babies in the womb, to the brain and central nervous system in children and adults.”

As doctors understand how vaccines work, they can use existing drugs to treat adverse effects, Vliet explained.

Ella Kitlinska contributed to this report.

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