The changing face of HR. research report for HR and People leaders

HR leaders love working in HR, but the huge challenges they face today come at a heavy personal cost, Sage’s changing face of HR research finds.

91% of HR leaders told us they are excited about the future of HR, and 57% say they love working in HR.

However, 81% admit to burnout, and more than half (62%) are considering leaving the profession.

We spoke to more than 1,000 HR leaders and C-suite executives from small and medium-sized organizations around the world to find out their candid thoughts on the industry today, what keeps them up at night, and what they hope for the future of HR.

The Changing Face of HR in 2024 covers the following topics:

  • HR today – what life is like for HR leaders right now.
  • What awaits HR? how HR views the future of the industry.
  • Solving HR challenges. what HR leaders need to drive forward.

The Changing Face of HR – Research Report Summary

You lead the HR function in times of accelerated change

The pace of change in HR has been remarkable in recent years due to pandemic and seismic shifts in the workplace and the world itself.

91% of HR and C-suite executives say the role of HR has changed dramatically in the past five years.

About a third of HR leaders and 40% of the C-suite told us they don’t think these dramatic changes will slow down anytime soon either.

HR paradox

Our research revealed that HR today faces a number of paradoxes in their role.

Exciting vs. scary future

91% of HR leaders are excited about the future of HR, but 66% are also concerned about the future.

Loving what you do vs. burning out

57% of HR leaders say they love working in HR, but 62% are considering leaving HR.

Leads to table vs. table seat

91% of HR leaders say they have the skills to be a CEO, but only 13% prioritize financial performance today.

Actual value vs. perceived value

86% of HR leaders say they are nimble and nimble, but 63% of the C-suite still see the HR role as an admin function.

Economic turbulence

93% of HR and C-suite executives are concerned about the economic climate and its impact on the company.

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