The best way to upgrade your Shopify store with advanced features

Over the past few years, Shopify has made significant improvements to improve performance. But there are features you may need to connect well with your customers.

That’s when you use the help of Shopify apps.

The app we will be discussing today is the Ship Date & Shipping Rates app. The app solves most of the problems you face when managing order shipping.

Delayed shipping is a huge turn off when it comes to same day and next day shipping ideas. Our application will help you solve this problem. Read more to know more about our app.

Explore paid plans

We currently have two paid plans. Let’s compare both the plans in terms of features, price and usage.

1. BASIC plan


Our Basic plan is priced at $4.99/month. The annual plan is only $49.99/year and you save 17%.


Date and time picker on cart or product page.

When you integrate the Shopify Shipping Dates and Shipping Rates app with your Shopify store, you can let customers choose their preferred shipping date and time. This feature can be added to the cart or product page. It gives customers the freedom to choose the delivery date and time they want, rather than you deciding for them. You’ll have full control on the backend whether you want customers to choose delivery times or whether you want them to choose delivery time slots as well.

Multiple time slots.

Add different time slots throughout the day. Adjust your availability so you don’t miss or miss deliveries due to your unavailability. What’s more, it becomes easier to manage your orders when you split up the deliveries by time.

Cut and order limit.

Offering convenience to your customers shouldn’t make you uncomfortable. When you allow customers to choose a delivery date, there will be uncertainty in the order number. On certain days, you would notice an increase in the number of orders. You can deliver a certain amount of products per day. So, to avoid situations where you can’t deliver the products on the customer’s desired day, our Delivery Dates and Shipping Rates app takes care of it for you. There is a feature where you can limit the number of orders per day. So, when the order limit reaches the mark, the delivery date will automatically be limited. No more orders can be booked for that day.

Order labeling.

The Shopify Shipping Date & Shipping Rates plugin lets you create custom labels to add the types of shipping you offer. These labels will help you categorize orders during shipping. For example, if you only allow standard shipping on one of your products, add that label to it.

Reschedule delivery date

Allow your customer to change the delivery date. Customers may not be available on the selected date. If they fail to postpone the date, the delivery attempt may fail. So instead of wasting time and resources, it is ideal to offer a rescheduling option. You can set the time until the customer can reschedule the delivery date and time. Customers would choose a different date and time from the available slots.

Chat and support

We offer support on the basic plan to all our customers. when you find yourself stuck, contact us [email protected]

2. ADVANCE plan


Our Basic plan is priced at $10.99/month. The annual plan is only $109.99/year and you save 17%.


Basic plan.

You get all the above features of the Basic plan.

Processing time during the day.

There are days when you get more orders, especially weekends and holidays. To manage all these orders, adjust the order processing time per day. For example, if you receive more orders on Saturdays and Sundays, keep the order processing time longer. So if an order takes two days to ship, make it 3 or 4 days on weekends. So customers can only choose delivery days, Wednesday or Thursday. For all other days, you can adjust the processing time to two days when you have fewer orders. Likewise, you can do this during the holiday season when orders come in.

Location Wise Store Pickup & Local Delivery.

Add more shipping options with Shopify’s shipping dates and shipping rates. If you have an offline store, let them pick up the product from the store. This will reduce shipping charges and they can receive their products faster. Moreover, your store will get more visibility. Another option you can offer is local delivery. If you have a warehouse in a certain city or region, same day or next day delivery is possible. So the local delivery option will attract more customers as the delivery time is much less. So you can add two more shipping options to offer better and faster customer service.

Shipping rate.

Customize shipping prices for different products, locations, order values, and more with Shopify’s shipping dates and shipping rates. Create individual profiles with different logic, order value, products, offer and discounts. This will eliminate all the hassle and give customers the final order value instantly. The app has both static and dynamic shipping rate options.

Premium support within 24 hours.

We understand how important it is to get a problem resolved in a live store, so we offer premium support within 24 hours.


If you integrate the Shopify Shipping Date and Shipping Rates app into your Shopify store, you can enable multiple shipping options such as Store Pickup, Local Shipping and Delivery, offer a delivery date and time picker to your customers, adjust shipping rates, and much more. Sign up for a 10-day free trial now.

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