The best process of parenting take this advice

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Practical advice and Positive Parenting Tips

best process of parenting

The system of human life is based on the process of reproduction, the inheritance of genes from a person to his kid, and then they become a parent. Since a very long time they say, “Behind every great man is a great woman”, well that makes sense actually and could be true. But a great man mostly starts as a good kid, and behind every good kid, there is a great father.

The process of parenting is one of the most critical parts of human life, because the output of this process will determine everything about their kid; the physical, emotional, social, and intellectual skills, in addition to the general state of mood. Therefore, parenting is no easy job at all, the father and the mother have to be fully prepared for it. So how will parents prepare themselves to have a kid?

Supporting your child

Supporting your child

In order to create a new life in your house, there are some things you need to have first; like a good financial situation, since it’s not right to expand your family when you can’t feed them, also you need to ask your self if you can handle this responsibility.

Now, when you passed the conditions and got your first kid, all it’s about the first year is to keep them safe and feed them properly, you can always download an app about kids’ healthcare.

After your kid has grown up, and starts interacting with the society, now becomes the hard part. The kids’ dictionary of words is created from the ones he hears around him, so you have to wisely choose the words you use in front of him.

Children Learn From Parents

Children Learn From Parents

You have to know that your kid is learning life from you, he will try to copy your moves, your words, and the way you eat. Keep your kid happy, the kid values the time you spend with him, try as much as you can to reduce his crying, because the emotions of him in this stage of life are too soft, he is likely to get depression or something like that if you ignore him.

Careful, a family’s social class plays a large role in the opportunities and resources that will be available to a child. Working-class kids most likely grow up with a disadvantage in the schooling, communities, and level of attention available compared to those from the middle-class or upper-class. You have to keep your kid away from the feeling of being less than the people around him.

friends and influence

friends and influence

Another critical factor to kid’s life is his friends, the influence of his childhood’s friend on him is bigger than yours as his parent. You need to monitor you kid most of the time to make sure he doesn’t get bad friends who could get him into troubles and ruin his life. Also, you have to monitor him inside his room, since with the modern technologies nowadays it is dangerous to leave your kid on the internet without surveillance, keep him close to you.

One last thing, try to always be a good example to your kid, make him see you as his hero in order to make him listen to you when you advise him, try to answer his questions, don’t ignore his ideas regardless how silly they are, pay attention, this makes him proud of himself and develops his self-confiden