The Best Multi-Channel Ecommerce Software to Make More Profits on Amazon

The best multichannel sales software

6 Tools Every Retailer Should be Investing in Amazon-Shopify in 2023

6 Tools Every Retailer Should be Investing in Amazon-Shopify in 2023


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Sellers with an online multi-channel business on Amazon are always looking for the leading multi-channel e-commerce software. That being said, it is not always easy to decide the best among the large number of software marketed online. However, when choosing your best multi-channel e-commerce solutions, you should be careful to check these top 6 features to ensure profitability and scalability for your business. You’ll also learn about some of the leading omnichannel listing software solutions to help you handle all your omnichannel activities on Amazon and Shopify.

Let’s check them one by one.

Key features of multichannel ecommerce software to look for before investing

Every retailer invests in the best multi-channel e-commerce software to save time and reduce manual efforts. So, of course, any solution that doesn’t extend functions that minimize manual effort and save time for the investing retailer is bound to be useless. Here are some integral features that multi-channel e-commerce software should have to provide investors with higher ROI over a period of time.

Multi-channel listing capabilities

Listing products with specific criteria on multiple platforms requires tons of manual effort and hours. However, with multi-channel listing capabilities, the software helps automate bulk product listings in just a few minutes. You can easily customize listings by choosing options, sizes, colors and SKUs. When selling on Amazon and Shopify, you can simply import and sync products through the app.

Multi-channel order management

It is often difficult to manage orders and keep track of the exact number of orders placed and pending etc. An omnichannel eCommerce solution will help you track the status of all your Shopify and Amazon orders. In addition, you can see the status of properly managed orders, which reduces your headache of maintaining sheets and reflecting different orders, namely fulfilled, partially fulfilled, delivered, completed or canceled in different sales channels.

Synchronization of multi-channel inventory

Have you ever been in a situation where you ordered something that was shown as “in stock” and then it suddenly changed to “in stock” after you ordered it? Situations like this are a serious turn-off for many potential customers. Therefore, multi-channel inventory management is essential to prevent sudden stock-outs and overstock situations. The app updates current inventory across multiple integrated channels in near real-time so your store reflects the correct Amazon and Shopify stocks.

Centralized power management

The unified user experience is always easy to understand and outlines each section in detail. A unified interactive dashboard helps manage and analyze everything from one platform instead of logging in and out with different credentials. A centralized dashboard ensures a smooth and seamless workflow.

User interface and easy-to-use features

User-friendly app is easy to understand and use. The features are built with users from all walks of life in mind, making these apps easily accessible to sellers worldwide.

Customer support

Make sure your solution provider has a good set of customer support reviews. Working on a new solution and being confident with features requires ongoing customer support and even dedicated account managers who can help vendors understand that you sync, manage, and take advantage of the above features.

These top 6 features can help your multi-channel business run smoothly and seamlessly across Amazon-Shopify sales channels. If you’ve searched long and hard for the perfect Amazon-Shopify integration solution for your business, look no further.

CedCommerce has got you covered with everything you’ll ever need for a successful multi-channel online business.

“CedCommerce-Amazon Integration”, a comprehensive multi-channel integration solution for Amazon and Shopify

The CedCommerce-Amazon Channel provides a seamless connection between your Shopify store and Amazon Marketplace. Quickly find out how to sell on Amazon from Shopify with this app. Build and sync Shopify and Amazon listings and average 200+ million unique visitors per month selling on Amazon.

The app supports selling on Amazon for merchants in almost every part of the world from a Shopify store. Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Egypt are currently excluded from the list. Connect a Shopify store to Amazon to allow the app to choose relevant ads and prices, range of products and categories for sale, choose a fulfillment model, and more.

Explore further to find out how to sell products on Amazon Marketplace from a Shopify store:

Multi-account support

Stop navigating between different vendor accounts. Manage Amazon accounts per country from one central location. You can use the app to manage your account sales, inventory and shipping.

Order control

Manage every Amazon order from your personal store and through FBA. Orders can be retrieved, created in your store, and updated with their shipping status on Amazon.

Inventory control

By entering a predefined value for inventory levels, the threshold inventory option enables you to make your inventory more useful and helps you avoid stock-outs.

Product download in bulk

Bulk uploading and importing of products is easily done using the application’s API architecture. Select the items you want to submit to Amazon based on a variety of criteria.

Live Listing:

Monitor Amazon products that are listed. Change the attributes and features of each product like variations, sizes, colors, etc. from the app itself. You no longer have to move between apps and Amazon accounts when this feature is part of your daily life.

Promote your handmade products

Create a catalog of your handmade products and sell them on in 14 different categories such as accessories, artwork, decor and more. You can also manage orders and inventory for handmade products already listed on Amazon.

Additionally, our dedicated customer support is available 24/7 to help you out with any technical glitch or issue you may be facing.

I hope this blog will help you decide on the best integration partner for your business. Comment below and let us know how we can help you with our integration services.

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