The 9 best restaurants in Aberdeen

A major part of Scotland and the country’s third largest city, Aberdeen provides a unique travel experience to people all over the world. Known as: Granite CityAberdeen is warm and welcoming, with a comfortable homey feel, while being a busy and vibrant hub of activity.

From walking Belmont St and exploring all its bars as well as getting food at Nando’s there to explore the best cheap eats in the country, Restaurants in Aberdeen are as varied as they are delicious dishes. Here are nine best restaurants in aberdeen.

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Top 9 Restaurants in Aberdeen

Chaofraia Aberdeen

chaophraya aberdeen
Image credit: Chaophraya, Aberdeen

The Chaophraya is a famous river that flows through Bangkok and is where this restaurant chain got its name in the UK. This is one of the best and most popular Thai restaurants in Aberdeen. The decor reflects traditional Thai decor, including red accents, golden Buddhas and a welcoming cocktail bar. This restaurant is located Union Terrace in Aberdeen city centre. The menu will excite all Thai food lovers with delicious options such as Pad Thai, Thai Green Curry and the famous Som Tam Salad. We recommend trying the tempura soft shell crab and drinking one of their specialty cocktails.


Markliffe Aberdeen
Image credit: Marcliffe Hotel, Aberdeen

The Marcliffe Hotel is located a short distance from Aberdeen city centre, and Conservatory restaurant the hotel is most famous for its celebrity afternoon tea. Breakfast and Sunday lunch here are known to be unique and delicious with a wonderful spread. Enjoy truly exquisite dining at this luxurious hotel, especially perfect for any special occasion. It celebrates locally sourced ingredients from different parts of Scotland and stocks more than 400 bottles of wine from around the world in its wine cellar.

Cafe Boheme

cafe boheme aberdeen
Image credit: Cafe Boheme, Open Table

It is specialized good french lunchCafé Boheme offers fine lunches, evening meals and dinners with delicious and refined French cuisine. If you go at certain times of the day and week, such as 12pm to 2pm Tuesday to Saturday, you can even take advantage of special deals such as £10 for a 2-course meal. Enjoy classic French dishes such as escargots, steak frites and confit duck in a luxurious setting with live jazz.

Maggie’s Grill

maggies grill aberdeen
Image credit: Maggie’s Grill, Open Table

Maggie’s Grill has two branches in Aberdeen, County Marischal Squareand on and on Holburn Street. Serving delicious and soulful Southern American cuisine, Maggie’s Grill has been known for years for its Cajun dishes and dishes such as 7-cheese pasta, Southern Fried Chicken Platter, Ribs, Poutine and Texas Chili. They are also forgiving steaks and burgers. This restaurant serves food for the soul.

The Sand Dollar Cafe

sand dollar cafe aberdeen
Image credit: Sand Dollar Cafe, Aberdeen

This beach cafe is the perfect place to enjoy breakfast with a view. You can also enjoy some classic main dishes like chicken burgers and their famous ones fish and chips. We recommend going here in the morning, sit outside, watch the waves crash onto Aberdeen Beach and enjoy a delicious Scottish breakfast. Once you’ve finished your meal, you can head to nearby Codona’s Amusement Park for a day of family fun.

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Carmelite Hotel

Carmelite Hotel Aberdeen
Image credit: Carmelite Hotel, Best Western

Carmelite Hotel boutique hotel located Aberdeen city centre and offers two different afternoon teas which are amazing. It’s the perfect place to have breakfast and you might as well experience it authentic British food for lunch, from roast meat to pie. They have signature bar food including burgers and fining food as well. Lying on Stirling Street in Aberdeen’s shopping districtIn a Grade B listed building, the food here is accompanied by live piano music, this Bar & Grill also serves a killer prawn martini cocktail and salmon fillet.

Bonobo Cafe

bonobo cafe aberdeen
Image credit: Bonobo Cafe, Tripadvisor

It’s Bonobo Café vegan cafe which has been designed to be as stable as possible. It is environmentally friendly, uses ethically sourced ingredients and is run by a worker cooperative. Experience the best vegan meals, from full vegan breakfasts to avocado toast and vegan burgers. They have vegan desserts like brownies and oatmeal cookies. The decor is as warm and comforting as the people and the food. They have some too gluten free options choose

Yatai Izakaya

yatai izakaya aberdin
Image credit: Yatai Izakaya, Press and Magazine

Yatai Izakaya is a random person, modern Japanese restaurant which serves a variety of dishes from larger shared plates to small plates. They serve skewers, teriyaki ribs, steamed buns and many other interesting dishes. We recommend choosing Omakase style dining experience for which the chef chooses what you eat based on your likes and dislikes. It’s the perfect place to go with a group so you can sample a wide variety of dishes on their traditional Japanese platters.

Silver dear

silver darling Aberdeen
Image credit: The Silver Darling, Dish Cult

And finally, The Silver Darling is a popular restaurant located in the village Footdee: At the southern end of Aberdeen’s Esplanade Port of Porca sitting right on the beach overlooking the North Sea. That’s it A delicious Scottish restaurant that we highly recommend visiting while you’re there. They source the best local ingredients and we highly recommend trying their seafood. Their oysters are delicious. you can enjoy them as part of their seafood platter. We also recommend ordering the famous Shetland Scallops.


What is the most popular food in Aberdeen?

Fish & Chips and Aberdeen Angus Beef are the most popular foods in Aberdeen.

What food is Aberdeen famous for?

Other foods that Aberdeen is famous for include Scotch pies, Scotch stew, butter rolls and Cambus O’May, a famous local cheese.

What is the nickname for Aberdeen Scotland?

Aberdeen is also known as the Granite City.

What is the old name of Aberdeen?

Aberdeen was originally called “Aberdon”, which literally means “at the mouth of the Don”, because of its location near the River Don.

Which area of ​​Aberdeen is known for the best restaurants?

Belmont Street has many good bars and restaurants throughout.

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