Tesla’s first V4 supercharger has been unveiled in the Netherlands

Tesla has officially opened its first V4 Supercharger in Harderwijk, the Netherlands. The new Supercharger is open to the public and can be used to charge Teslas and other electric vehicles.

The site itself has 16 superchargers, and they all have longer cables to make it easier to charge non-Tesla cars, which may have their charging port in an inconvenient location.

NotaTesla App: notes that the new V4 Superchargers are all capable of higher voltage charging and have wider stalls than usual, all to ensure that non-Tesla cars can get in and out and charge. It has not been confirmed for this particular Supercharger, but it can be rated up to 300kW.

While this Supercharger is based in the Netherlands, we expect them to roll out internationally, with Europe kicking things off.

Tesla originally intended to locate the V4 superchargers near Danvers, Massachusetts, but the company decided to prioritize Europe for EVs not made by Tesla. So now non-Tesla cars can use more than half of the Superchargers in Europe. In North America, where the pilot rollout is just starting, the new Supercharger infrastructure is also being rolled out, with ten stations installed first.

Charging your non-Tesla electric vehicle with a Tesla Supercharger is certainly a big deal, and these upgraded superchargers make the experience even more so. Here’s hoping the new V4 is released soon.

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