Tech sportswear allows body heat to be converted into infrared energy for recovery

By Frances Marcelin on February 22, 2023

Kymira sportswear uses infrared technology to enhance the training and recovery experience of athletes / Kimira

Celliant’s textiles, used by Kymira, allow body heat energy to be converted into infrared energy.

Fabrics make special sportswear for use by elite and amateur athletes

Benefits include improved energy, recovery, respiration, oxygen levels, pain relief and thermoregulation

English rugby player Jonny May has become the brand ambassador of infrared technology sportswear company Kymira and will wear its new Legacy Project range.

Kymira’s infrared sportswear uses Celliant textiles that contain thermally reactive minerals and trace elements. They are either embedded in the yarn or applied directly to the fabric, allowing body heat to be converted into infrared energy.

The effect on muscle tissue increases capillarization and nitric oxide production, which helps athletes perform at a higher level for longer, benefiting from recovery, oxygen levels, pain relief and thermoregulation.

In the US, Celliant’s products are considered medical devices under section 201(h) of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, and are designated as Class 1 medical devices in Canada, the UK, the EU, Australia, New Zealand and Japan. device

Professional rugby player Jonny May, who won three Six Nations titles in his 72nd career England cap, has recently become Kymira’s brand ambassador. He will use his new activewear range, the Legacy Project, for both training and recovery, while also targeting selection for the 2023 Rugby World Cup, which kicks off in September.

“Kymira products have become an integral part of my training and recovery routine,” he says. “I’m always looking for new ways to get those small percentages that make such a difference in elite sport, and I appreciate the implementation of technique. which can help me stay fit and shoot on the rugby field.”

“Few athletes take better care of themselves than Johnny,” says Kymira founder Timothy Brownstone. “His focus on training and recovery fits perfectly with what we do at Kymira, both for elite athletes and the everyday athlete or fitness enthusiast. “.

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