Photos: Millions of people protesting the invasion of Iraq Gallery news

The US-led invasion of Iraq began on March 20, 2003, with 150,000 American troops, followed by British troops, as well as Australian and Polish troops. Unconvinced that the war was justified, millions of protesters around the world took to the streets of their cities to denounce what they believed to be an “unjust, illegitimate” war. … Read more

Tunisian Interior Minister Tawfik Charfeddine resigns Political News

Charfeddine, a close aide to President Qais Said, has been seen less in public in recent months. Tunisian Interior Minister Tawfik Charfeddine says he has resigned for family reasons as the government’s crackdown on prominent opposition figures and a crackdown on sub-Saharan Africans spark international outrage. Charfeddine, a close aide to President Qais Said, told … Read more

Several Palestinians were killed during an attack by the Israeli army on the West Bank.

Released: 16/03/2023 – 18:10 An Israeli army attack on Thursday killed four Palestinians, including a teenage boy, near the occupied West Bank city of Jenin, Palestinian officials said. It was the latest bloodshed in a year-long wave of violence in the region. The Israeli military confirmed on Thursday that its forces were operating in the … Read more

Israel complains. Lloyd Austin hits out at Benjamin Netanyahu’s judicial overhaul as protesters block airport

Tel Aviv, Israel CNN: – US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin criticized Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s plan to weaken Israel’s judiciary as protesters paralyzed two of Tel Aviv’s main tourist arteries on Thursday, fueling a nationwide movement against the controversial proposals. A CNN team at Ben Gurion Airport saw people walking with suitcases to Terminal 3 … Read more

The status quo of Syria’s civil war is “unacceptable”, a UN envoy has said

Released: 08/03/2023 – 19:00 The UN special envoy for Syria on Wednesday called on warring parties there and the international community to renew efforts to find a political solution to the conflict that has ravaged the country for more than a decade. For years, successive rounds of UN-backed talks have failed to make progress in … Read more

Amjad Yusef. The USA has imposed visa sanctions on the Syrian military because of the massacre that killed at least 41 unarmed civilians.

CNN: – The US State Department on Monday imposed visa sanctions on a Syrian soldier it says killed at least 41 unarmed civilians in a Damascus neighborhood in April 2013. Amjad Youssef, a military intelligence officer for Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad’s regime, and his immediate family will be barred from entering the United States, Secretary … Read more

A wave of suspected poison attacks on schoolgirls has sparked protests in Iran

Concerned parents protested in Iran’s capital Tehran and other cities on Saturday over a wave of suspected poison attacks that have hit female students at dozens of schools, according to Iranian news agencies and social media videos. So far, unexplained illnesses have affected hundreds of schoolgirls in recent months. Iranian officials believe the girls may … Read more

Musicians promote “compassion, brotherhood, solidarity” between Israelis and Palestinians.

The West-Eastern Divan Orchestra, appointed in 2016 by the UN Secretary-General as a UN Global Champion for Cultural Understanding, recently played its first concert at the UN headquarters in New York in a special event organized to demonstrate that when people are listening. with each other, both musically and otherwise, great results can be achieved. … Read more

The Turkish opposition will soon announce its candidate for the elections news

Leaders of six parties met to discuss their presidential candidate, which is expected to be the CHP’s Kilicdaroglu. Turkey’s six-party opposition alliance has said it will announce its unified candidate next week to challenge President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in the presidential election, just over two months away from the May vote. The opposition, which said … Read more

Iran. The IAEA report says that near-bomb grade uranium has been found at the nuclear plant

Abu Dhabi, UAE CNN: – Particles of uranium enriched to bomb levels have been found at an Iranian nuclear facility, according to the United Nations nuclear watchdog, as the United States warned that Tehran’s ability to build a nuclear bomb was accelerating. In a limited report seen by CNN, the Vienna-based International Atomic Energy Agency … Read more