Trump: Accusation, incitement… 2024 candidates. |: Media:

From: The Listening Post: Trump is using the arrest to raise funds and shock his base. Plus, the crackdown on Nicaraguan journalists under President Ortega. When former United States President Donald Trump broke the news of his impending impeachment, it made headlines. News coverage in the US was divided along standard party lines, all fodder … Read more

Capitol riot. Woman accused of stealing Pelosi’s laptop sentenced | News of the courts

The woman accused of stealing then-Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s laptop during the January 6, 2021 attack on the United States Capitol has been sentenced to three years in prison on riot-related charges. Riley June Williams, 23, of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, was convicted Thursday despite failing to stand trial in November on charges of “aiding … Read more

Trump’s arrest warrant has been delayed by a grand jury adjournment

Released: 22/03/2023 – 21:05 The drama surrounding Donald Trump’s possible indictment in connection with payments to a porn star took a new turn Wednesday after a New York grand jury failed to convene as expected, delaying a decision that is possible until next week. Speculation that a historic impeachment against the former president could be … Read more

DeSantis defends Trump, blasts ‘Soros-funded’ DA amid possible State Secretary impeachment DeSantis defends Trump, blasts ‘Soros-funded’ DA amid possible State Secretary impeachment DeSantis defends Trump, blasts ‘Soros-funded’ DA amid possible State Secretary impeachment Donald Trump appeared on the Truth Social over the weekend, urging supporters to “take back our nation” after revealing Tuesday that he could be indicted over an old allegation that he paid … Read more

Farmer-citizen movement. Trump and Le Pen supported Dutch farmers, now they have caused an electoral shock.

CNN: – In the Netherlands, a farmers’ protest party has caused a shock after winning state elections this week, just four years after it was founded. Could their rise have wider implications? The farmer-citizen movement, or BoerburgerBeweging (BBB), arose out of mass demonstrations against the Dutch government’s environmental policies, protests that saw farmers use their … Read more

Princess Diana’s brother responded harshly to Donald Trump’s “He kissed my A**” comment.

The book titled “Letters to Trump” will be published on April 25 Princess Diana’s brother Charles Spencer has hit back after former US President Donald Trump said he and many other influential people “kissed my a**” in private emails. In a tweet on Wednesday, Mr Spencer shared his late sister’s true opinion of the former … Read more

American Republican DeSantis called the war in Ukraine a “territorial dispute”. Russia-Ukraine war News

Washington, DC – Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, a potential Republican presidential candidate, has described the war in Ukraine as a “territorial dispute” that is not in the United States’ national security interests. DeSantis’ stance, which echoes that of former President Donald Trump, who has announced a 2024 run for the White House, underscores growing skepticism … Read more