Worst Stock Market Ever!

It’s been a while since I’ve talked to anyone enjoying the recent stock market action. Too volatile. Too illogical. No real trend. All are correct. However, the more we understand why this happens, the easier it is to diagnose what will happen from here and how we can trade our way to profit. (Spoiler Alert) … Read more

Tech companies MSFT, GOOG, AMZN, SAP are profitable, but layoffs continue

Google and Facebook parent Meta are among the companies that have laid off workers in recent months. Beata Zavrzel |: Nurfoto |: Getty Images: From the US to Europe and Asia, global tech giants from Microsoft and Google to Amazon, SAP and more have laid off thousands of employees since the start of the year. … Read more

Pet owners are still feeling the squeeze from inflation, even with the Fed moving

People with furry friends feel the pinch. Animal owners are struggling amid tough economic conditions, a shelter chief told CNN. Joe Labriola, executive director of PAWS Atlanta, said he’s noticed various signs of financial struggle over the past year, including seeing a massive increase in pet abandonments at the shelter’s entrance. (He counts 166 and … Read more

Some people in San Francisco are wondering when AI will kill us all

Misalignment Museum curator Audrey Kim discusses the work titled “Spambots” in the exhibition. Kiefe Lesswing / CNBC Audrey Kim is sure that the powerful robot is not going to harvest resources from her body to accomplish her goals. But he’s taking the opportunity seriously. “Actually. I think it’s very unlikely that an AI will extract … Read more

Yellen says not all deposits are safe in the event of future bank failures

WASHINGTON — Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen sought to reassure markets and lawmakers Thursday that the federal government is committed to protecting U.S. bank deposits after the weekend failures of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank. “Our banking system remains healthy, and Americans can feel confident that their deposits will be there when they need them,” … Read more

The stock market outlook for 2023 revisited

40-year investment veteran Steve Reitmeister shares his most comprehensive and important analysis of what investors can expect in the rest of 2023. However, just at the darkest hour, a new bull market will emerge, yielding huge profits for investors who time it right. Steve shares his trading plan along with the 7 best options to … Read more

The world’s most polluted cities and countries, according to IQAir

Early morning commuters make their way through fog and mist on a street in Lahore on January 3, 2023. Arif Ali |: AFP |: Getty Images: About 90% of the global population will experience unhealthy air quality in 2022, and only six countries will meet the World Health Organization’s recommendations for safe levels of air … Read more