Stay connected at an affordable price with this refurbished iPad 6th generation and Beats Flex headphones bundle

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TL;DR: This bundle of Apple iPad 6th generation and Beats Flex headphones is a great way to have the best of the best in technology without breaking a ton of cash. It’s on sale now for just $199.99 (a total value of $239).

We know what it’s like when keeping up with big tech gets overwhelming. Sometimes you just want things to fall into your lap so you don’t have to look for them. Well, there you go.

When you want to stay up-to-date on the latest gear but avoid going into debt at the same time, grab this incredible tech bundle that seamlessly bundles a refurbished iPad 6th generation and Beats Flex headphones together. This bundle now costs just US$199.99 (US$239), making it an implicit technology upgrade.

New technology is vital, and taking it cheaply sweetens the pot. The refurbished iPad has everything we know and love about Apple and then some. With a 9.7-inch 2048 × 1536 resolution screen, you’ll have a large and crystal-clear view of what you’re doing, whether it’s just five hours of Karen sets or real work (like your dreaded job presentation).

Worried about storage? You’ll also get 32GB of space on this iPad, so you’ll have no problem finding room for all those important files, videos, and pictures, whatever you happen to put your thumb on the lens while trying to capture.

When you need to talk, iSight and FaceTime cameras are in place to see grandparent wherever you are on the globe. The Apple A10 chip ensures that everything is up to date on this bad boy, including any additional updates that may be needed. And while this tablet is refurbished and may have minor cracks, it has been inspected and tested to ensure it performs to factory standards.

As for the added Beats Flex headphones, they offer durable Nitinol construction so you can stay comfortable all day while doing things that might otherwise make you uncomfortable (we’re looking at you, painful morning workouts). They are tangle-free thanks to their magnetic design, and thanks to the Apple W1 chip, they are the ideal accessory for your Apple products.

Get the Apple iPad 6th generation and Beats Flex headphones bundle including a case, screen protector, stylus, UL-compliant non-OEM charging block and generically compliant non-OEM charging cable for just $199.99 (US$239).

Prices are subject to change.

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