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Alt. A doodle with a cat head talks to a doctor on a laptop. The doctor says: “Can you tilt the camera back? I need to see both the cat and your head to make a diagnosis.”
  • Annual checkups with your primary care physician
  • Dermatology visits
  • Mental health counseling
  • Nutrition counseling
  • Follow-up visits to share test results
  • It’s safer. Right now, telehealth’s main selling point is that it allows people to connect to care without the risk of contracting COVID in a doctor’s office or hospital. Just think of it like social distancing, but with your doctor.
  • It’s faster. When you cross the route, the waiting room, the second waiting room (ex. examination room), the visit becomes much shorter and much easier to fit into a busy schedule. And who ever said? “I wish I spent more time sitting in waiting rooms.” That’s right. No one!
  • It increases reach. Telehealth is especially useful for people who need to see a specialist but don’t live nearby, and it eliminates the transportation barrier altogether. Many telehealth providers also offer appointments outside of traditional doctor’s hours, making it easier for people to find times that work for them.

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