Shark Tank India judge Ashneer Grover has lost 10 kg

Ashneer Grover needs no introduction to the startup and business world. He gained more fame from the popular Sony Entertainment reality show called ‘Shark Tank India’.

For those who don’t know about Shark Tank India, it is a startup reality show. In the show, Ashneer is one of the judges who listens to the pitch of the entrepreneurs and decides on appropriate investments.

Ashneer is known for his sense of humor and his straightforward answers. He is also known for his investment style and his methods.

He prefers to do business in a desi style and share his views in the same tone. He is a former BharatPe MD and was recently seen talking about his fitness journey.

Today in this post I am going to share her inspiring weight loss journey.

Ashneer has recently been seen sharing her weight loss journey on social media platforms like Instagram.

From one of her latest Instagram posts, she posted her latest photo with the caption “10 Kgs down! Just discipline and zidd!!”

Fans have been loving her latest Instagram slimming pictures and congratulating her on her styles. Some commented in Ashneer’s famous ways “Bhai kya kar raha ha tu?” and “Ye doglapan hai”.

Ashneer was very particular about his diet and fitness routine. With that “slimming Zidd” she now feels more energetic than she did before.

With the right mindset, regimen and discipline, he was able to lose a whopping 10kg. From her old Instagram posts, she found herself sharing her weight loss progress.

He mentioned in one of his posts on Instagram that he is losing centimeters every day.

She also shared that simply eating healthy foods on a calorie budget and doing simple exercise like walking is enough.

People ask me if walking is enough to lose weight. So Ashneer and my weight loss journeys are proof that regular walking with the right diet can help you lose weight.

Ashneer believes there are a number of factors that influence weight loss, including your gender, age, body type and calorie intake.

He likes to eat golgappa and used to eat 6 of them, he said in an interview. Now she is very strict about her diet and exercise routine.

Ashneer works hard and has worked hard to achieve his results. These simple changes in her daily routine not only helped her lose weight, but also protected her from many diseases.

Fans know him for his quick answers as a judge on the Shark Tank India show. His confidence is evident in his answers.

And this confidence not only helped him succeed in the business world, but also helped him lose weight successfully.

And this is the reason why millions of people love him and follow him on social media platforms. Now people have got a new reason to follow her and this time for her amazing weight loss journey.

I hope Ashneer’s weight loss story will inspire millions of people and help them get fit in life.

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